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HOT NEWS 10.11.2006 Wednesday - ISTANBUL 09:22
By Cihan News Agency -Tuesday, October 10, 2006
A Turkish court has found 16 year old O.A. guilty and sentenced him to 18 years and three months in prison for the killing of an Italian priest, Andr

Suite à une regrettable confusion, le dernier communiqué de presse de la Fédération Euro-Arménienne a avancé que Mme Nebahat Albayrak aurait été
exclue de la liste électorale du PvdA suite aux propos négationnistes qu’ elle aurait tenus con
...continua president of the Ankara Chamber of Industry, Zafer Caglayan, has asserted that he will fly to Paris on October 12 to publicly deny the so-called Armenian genocide on the day the French Parliament is to debate the controversial bill which would...continua

Paris Monday, October 09, 2006 The Armenian Diaspora continues to take action in an effort to prevent opposition to the draft law pending at the French parliament that would penalize denial of the alleged Armenian genocide. In an attempt to convince those who oppose the draft that it will ...continua<BR>
The head editor of the Turkey-based Armenian "Agos" newspaper, Hrant Dink, has said this week that he will be heading for France to protest the bill that would call for punishment for those publicly denying the so-called Armenian genocide.

Alors que de nombreux partis politiques belges promeuvent les négationnistes, ceux des Pays-Bas les excluent.
Les deux principaux partis politiques des Pays-Bas, Le Christian Democrat Appel (CDA - Conservateur) et le Partij van de Arbeid (PvdA – Socialiste) ont récemment exclu de leurs listes

LATimesMUSICOctober 5, 2006-( From A.Melikian,USA- DUDUK = Pifero )
It's enough to make you cry The duduk, with its mournful tones, is a rising Hollywood star. By Litty Mathew, Special to The Times If red is the color of passion and chocolate the food of love, then the duduk has surreptitious

· Hraztan Zeitlian's Project for Saudi Arabia wins 2006 American Architecture Award
"The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design" announced in September 2006 that STRUERE’s Hilal (Half Moon) project, a polemical competition entry for the architectural design of
Hrant Dink, Il giovane editore del quotidiano armeno "Agos" in lingua turca,è stato insignito del Premio Bjornson Norvegese per aver osato parlare senza timore dei massacri e del genocidio del suo popolo perpetrato dai Turchi nel 1915.
Vogliamo ricord
Dear Azad-Hye subscriber Our aim is to introduce to the wider public the activities of the Armenians in the Middle East, where more than half a million of our compatriots live, in some places even before the 1915 Genocide. Although our focus is the Middle East, but we h

Tehran Times Economic Desk <BR>
TEHRAN — The project of Iran’s gas conveyance pipeline to Armenia will come on stream early 2007, Reza Kasaiizadeh, the managing director of the National
Iranian Gas Company (NIGC) said here on Wednesday.

“First, Iran will exp

Inspired in Armenia, played in L.A. The Dilijan series, which blends European pieces and works by Armenian composers, begins a second season.
By Richard S. Ginell, Special to The Times Dilijan is a forested Armenian resort town not far from Lake Sevan that has attracted composers and musicians

Jean Eckian relayed from AP
Turkey throws rejects Chirac's call to recognize the Armenian genocide Turkey threw rejected on Tuesday the call launched on Saturday by the French president Jacques Chirac to recognize the Armenian genocide
before being able to adhere to the European Union.

Jean Eckian
FRANCE: News threats of Turkey
A delegation of Turkish deputies were received Wednesday by Jack Lang, deputy and former minister (socialist party), to protest against the bill penalizing the Armenian Genocide which must be submitt
(From A.Meliokiam USA)[October 2, 2006]<BR>
At the end of the 20 the century there were twenty Armenian schools in Georgia's capital. Today only two remain – Schools 104 and 95. There are also Armenian departments in six Russian sc
[October 2, 2006]( From A.Melikian USA)
Last August Hetq investigated the situation in the Kashatagh region of Karabakh and described for its readers the criminal actions of the head of the regional administration, Hamlet Khachatryan. The actions

The Associated Press Published: October 3, 2006-( From A.M.USA)<BR>

YEREVAN, Armenia Envoys from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe on Tuesday brokered a new round of talks between foreign ministers of Azerbaijan and Armenia over the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict f
Turkish Weekly-Sedat LACINER- Wednesday,28 September 2005 (FROM A.M. USA)

The European Parliament called Turkey to recognize the Armenian allegations before the EU talks. The EP lawmakers issued a nonbinding resolution saying recognitio

LA Times October 1, 2006 - Steve Lopez: Points West
Professor's Prophecy of Doom Fulfilled
(From A. Melikian. USA)
Professor Richard Dekmejian, a pint-sized and bespectacled scholar barely able to see over the top of the research materials piled on his desk at USC, is delivering a good

Da Jacqueline Amidi
in, 21-9-2006

Qui sait si le slogan fanfaron «guerre de l’occident contre la barbarie» est déjà révolu? Qui sait si la «redéfinition g&

Last minute -Yerevan ,september 30, 2006 - 2:05 PM
Jean Eckian -

The French President Jaques Chirac in official visit in Armenia, was meditative on Memorial dedicated to the victims of the Genocide. He declared "Turkey must to recognize the Armenian Genocide b

Yerevan-sept. 30, 2006;Jean Eckian
French President Jaques Chirac as an official visit in Armenia, answered to a journalist who asked him the question: " Turkey must it admit the Armenian Genocide to use European Union?". P

-- Eurlings: “there is no accession without an acknowledgement of the Armenian
genocide” --

The European parliament adopted on Wednesday 27 September a resolution on “Turkey’s progress towards accession” by 429 votes in favour, 71 against and 125

By Vahan Ishkhanyan ArmeniaNow reporter
An alleged shooting incident in Echmiadzin Monday, remains uninvestigated, leading residents of the city to (privately) voice their anger that powerful figures are operating beyond th
After the Fires, Protracted Conflicts Appear on the UN Agenda Vartan Oskanian: “It’s a new challenge for us” [September 25, 2006]The General Committee of the sixty-first session of the UN General Assembly recommended not to includ

Reuters: From An. Melilkian USA)
Pamuk's lawyer slams Turkish justice minister
Fri Sep 29, 2006 7:26am ET
ANKARA (Reuters) - A lawyer for best-selling novelist Orhan Pamuk chided Turkey's justice minister on Friday for suggesting his client was to blame for t

( From An. Melikian USA)( Lachin) Go to website: An Appeal To Help The Armenians Of Kashatagh Dear Fellow Armenians,Recently, a series of investigative news reports have appeared in various Armenian media outlets that highlight the worsening socio-economic conditions i...continua

Paris, september 28, 2006
On october 12, 2006, french Socialist party will submit to the Parliament, the text intended to penalize the negation of Armenian Genocide. Indeed, last 18 May, the debates had been stopped and votes
it cancelled. This adjournment had raised the indignation of ma

Samedi, le quotidien néerlandais Trouw annonçait qu'un avocat turc d'extrême droite, Kemal Kerincsiz, s'apprêtait à déposer plainte pour violation de l'article 301 du Code pénal turc contre deux candidats démocrates-chrétiens (CDA) néerlandais d'ori...continua

With Broken Jaw, Abraham Beats Miranda
The Associated Press
Saturday, September 23, 2006; 7:49 PM
WETZLAR, Germany -- Germany's Arthur Abraham overcame a broken jaw Saturday to retain his IBF middleweight title against Colombia's Edison Miranda.
Abraham was awarded a one-sided decis
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