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Prof. Peter Balakian
Press release on May 19 talk byin Brookline, MA, at Facing History and Ourselves.
Prof. Peter Balakian will present a lecture entitled “Armenian Golgotha: An Eyewitness Account of the Armenian Genocide, on Tuesday, May 19, at 6:30 p.m., at the Facing History and

On a script of Braden King and Dani Valent , directed by Braden King, author of Dutch Harbor (1998), « HERE » is a feature length drama / road trip film which will begin shooting in May 2009 in Armenia (where the story takes place).
The project has already received significant interna

First failure in the U.S. President’s Mandate to Restore Integrity in Politics
As expected, the U.S. President, Barack Obama made a statement about the Armenian Genocide, this Friday 24 April, the commemoration day of the Genocide. Terming the Genocide as “one of the great atrocities

Premier échec du Président américain dans sa volonté de moralisation de la Politique

Comme attendu, le président des Etats-Unis, Barack Obama, s’est exprimé à propos du Génocide des Arméniens, ce vendredi 24 avril, date anniversaire de sa

A Word of Caution When Using Commercial Forms! by Dikran Abrahamian

Armenian Community Of Toronto Commemorates The 94th Anniversary Of The Armenian Genocide

Media Failing Multicultural Societies by Haroon Sid

*The " Ararat" Center for Strategic Research has presented the results of survey conducted in March and April of 2009 in regards to latest interstate developments between Armenia and Turkey.
*Dr. Armen Ayvazyan Director of "Ararat" Center for Strategic Research is interviewed

By Lucine Kasbarian
1.That Turks, who turned up in Anatolia from Central Asia thousands of years after the ancient Hittite, Urartian, Armenian, Assyrian, Greek, Roman, and Byzantine structures in present-day Turkey were constructed, are somehow responsible for having built them.
2. That Tu

Armenia: Yesterday, Today, and Maybe No Tomorrow
By Lucine Kasbarian **
Yesterday, Armenia was a battlefield and prize for competing empires. Today, Armenia is a battlefield and prize for competing empires.

Yesterday, the Young Turk regime released criminals from prison to terrori

25 April 2009, Toronto- R E Q U I E M - In memory of Hrand Dink
The Holy Trinity Armenian Church Pastor, Rev. Archpriest Zareh Zargarian concluded the evening. He reminded all present that Armenia’s security is in grave danger, and focused on t

Commemorates the Armenian Genocide
Armenians all around the world, both in Armenia and the Diaspora, commemorate the death of 1.5 million Armenians exterminated during the first genocide of the 20th century by Ottoman Turkey.
This year, the commemoration of the Armenian Genocide has particul

Inside Europe
Armenian historian discusses "Conflict Resolution and the Invention of History in Azerbaijan and Armenia" at roundtable in Brussels

29/04/2009, Brussels - A roundtable entitled « Conflict Resolution and the Invention of History in Azerbaijan and Armenia 

D. Abrahamian's Speech at the Remembrance Day (Video in Armenian)
"Dr. Dikran Abrahamian was the guest speaker. After an analysis of the present day circumstances hindering the ongoing efforts of Hay Tad - Armenian Cause - he underlined the importance of expa

official Tehran Times Economic Desk

MOSCOW . Iranian investment in Armenian projects is of strategic importance, the secretary of the National Security Council of Armenia stated at a press conference in Yerevan on Monday.

IRNA news agency quoted Arthur Baghdasaryan

U.S. Pres. Obama Twice Uses Meds Yeghern The Armenian Equivalent Of Genocide in His Presidential Statement
By Appo Jabarian
Executive Publisher / Managing Editor
USA Armenian Life Magazine
Friday April 24, 2009
Today, U.S. Pres. Obama Twice Used Meds Yeg

Armenian commemoration : 6000 demonstrators in Paris <BR>
On April 24, six thousand people met in front of Arch of Triumph to Champs Elysées. Many French political personalities paid homage to the victims of the first Genocide of the XXth century in front of the Unknown

Commemoration of the Genocide in Istanbul
Please use the electronic translations
Jean Eckian
Un 24 Avril pas comme les autres à Istanbul
Il est des 24 avril que lR

From: "Nuovi Orizzonti Latini" <>
24 avril : Le message du Président Sarksian à la Nation
le 24 avril 2009 - Chers compatriotes,
Aujourd.hui, nous nous inclinons devant la mémoire des innocentes victimes du génocide

DIPLOMATIE | Sous l.égide de Berne, Ankara et Erevan adoptent une «feuille de route» en vue de la normalisation de leurs relations.
© AFP PHOTO/THE WHITE HOUSE/PETE SOUZA | .Micheline Calmy-Rey et ses homologues arménien, Eduard Nalbandian (à g.), et turc, Ali Ba

La perspective d.une levée du blocus de l.Arménie par Ankara suscite méfiance et soupçons à Erevan. Car personne ne croit vraiment à la sincérité de ce geste de bonne volonté suggéré par Washington.

23.04.2009.|.Marina Grigorian.|.

Date: May 1-3, 2009 Where: Remis Auditorium, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
The Armenian Dramatic Arts Alliance is proud to present the Second Annual Armenian Film Festival at The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, May 1-3, 2009. The festival celebrates Armenian culture, heritage, language and film

Commemoration of the Genocide of the Armenians

Why Melkonian Must Reopen
By Eleni Theocharous, Cyprus Mail, 23 April 2009

Canadiana: On Democracy and the Corporate Elite
Witnessing a Democracy's decline
James Trave

Mercredi 22 Avril 2009
La Conférence organisée par les Nations Unies à Durban (Afrique du Sud), vient de rendre public sa déclaration finale sur la lutte contre le racisme. La déclaration aborde avec force la question des génocides et de leur nécessaire reconnaissance.

Ainsi, l’arti

- Un expert a présenté la destruction du patrimoine arménien par l’Azerbaïdjan à des membres de la Commission

- L’éducation à la haine dispensée par l’Azerbaïdjan envers sa jeunesse largement é

One of the gravestones at the Armenian cemetary in Uppuguda.Bhargav NimmagaddaFirst Published : 21 Apr 2009 08:37:23 AM ISTLast Updated : 21 Apr 2009 12:04:16 PM ISTHYDERABAD: It is perhaps the last known trace of the Armenian connection with the city of Hyderabad.
And now it is almost on the v

One of the gravestones at the Armenian cemetary in Uppuguda.HYDERABAD: It is perhaps the last known trace of the Armenian connection with the city of Hyderabad.And now it is almost on the verge of being erased erased from the city’s historic map.Yes, the Armenian cemetery located at Uppuguda (...continua

20.04.2009 - Emil Danielyan
Turkey will not normalize relations with Armenia before the resolution of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan reiterated over the weekend, again dismissing recent reports to the contrary.
“Forget about the opening of the bord

Ce sont finalement près de 400 associations européennes issues de 22 pays européens qui ont souscrit à l’appel lancé par la Fédération Euro-Arménienne demandant au président des Etats-Unis de reconnaître le Génocide des Arméniens. Cet...continua

By Harut Sassounian
Publisher, The California Courier
Senior Contributor, USA Armenian Life Magazine
Turkey brilliantly accomplished its objectives in the first round of negotiations ostensibly to open the border with Armenia.
Ever since 1993, when Turkish leaders closed the border,

By Appo Jabarian
Executive Publisher / Managing Editor -USA Armenian Life Magazine- Friday, April 17, 2009
The highly controversial April 2-5 so-called "Anatolian Cultures and Food Festival" ignited worldwide condemnation. Besides being disseminated via print and electronic versio

Dear fellow Armenians,
We are e-mailing you on behalf of the Ministry of Diaspora of the Republic of Armenia. Sorry for e-mailing you directly but we wanted to contact you and to introduce ourselves.
As the Department of Information and Communications of the Ministry of D
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