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Dear compatriot,
Please, write with the foreign minister of Austria to support its action.
An extraordinary meeting of the Foreign Ministers of European Union willtake seat Sunday October 2.

Dr. Ursula Plassnik, Foreign Minister of Austria "(she is pretty ; -)


STRASBOURG, France (Reuters) - The European Parliament said on Wednesday thatTurkey must recognise the killing of Armenians under Ottoman rule in 1915 as genocide before it can join the European Union.
The non-binding resolution was a political slap in the face for Ankara, which insists the

The Daily Telegraph, UK(Filed: 28/09/2005)Turkey has rejected demands by the European parliament that it recognise the killing of Armenians as genocide before it can join the EU.

Armenians say that up to 1.5 million of their people were slaughtered in mass killings under the Ottoman Empir

27.09.2005 - 10:35 CET | By Teresa Küchler
The Danish prime minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen has expressed doubt about the prospect of Turkish EU membership calling into question whether the country has met the EU's political criteria for joining the EU.
In a column in Danish daily Politi

COMMUNIQUE -EU Turquie Arménie :
La Fédération Euro-Arménienne informe que ce mercredi 28 septembre 2005 le Parlement européen a voté à une majorité de 356 voix pour, 181 voix conte et 125 abstention

From: Date: 27 Sep 2005, 06:01:14 PM
INTERNATIONAL 09.27.2005 Tuesday - ISTANBUL 18:31
A recent conference on Armenians during the decline of the Ottoman Empire in Turkey did not attract the expected level of attention from the European media.

Despite recent reforms that have

Bruxelles (Belgique) 25 Septembre– Des rencontres consultatives des Arméniens d’Europe se sont déroulées ce 23 septembre à Bruxelles, à une
encablure des institutions européennes. Les rencontres ont eu lieu à la Maison des Associations International

Reuters.Sat Sep 24, 2005 2:40 PM BST- By Jon Hemming
ISTANBUL (Reuters) - Hundreds of Turkish nationalists chanting slogans and waving flags protested on Saturday against a controversial academic conference devoted to the World War One massacre of Armenians in Ottoman Turkey.
The conference

La conférence co-organisée ce jeudi 22 septembre par le groupe PPE-DE (Chrétiens Démocrates) et la Fédération Euro-Arménienne a suscité un vif intérêt au sein du Parlement européen où elle s'est déroulée. Plus de 200 personnalit&#...continua

da LIBERATION/francia Le dernier village mémoire du passé arménien en Turquie Par Marc SEMO Vakiflar envoyé spécial Jamais il n'a pu oublier ce que lui raconta son père. Jamais il n'a voulu en parler à ses enfants. «Pour que mes fils soient comme moi, calcinés de l'intérieur», explique le vieil...continua

istanbul Guillaume Perrier
Publié le 22 septembre 2005
Le génocide arménien de 1915 reste un sujet tabou en Turquie. gamma-a
Un tribunal d'Istanbul a ordonné jeudi la suspension de l'organisation d'une conférence universitaire controversée sur la question arménienne qui devait se< t

Nabaztag : derrière ce vocable mystérieux, qui signifie « lapin » en arménien, se cache l'objet tendance du moment. Comme tout droit sorti d'un manga
japonais, il signe l'arrivée d'une nouvelle race d'appareils high-tech : les « objets communicants », don

moment historique pour la Turquie se préparait pourtant. La conférence devait donner lieu à un débat totalement inédit sur la question arménienne. Pour la première fois, historiens, sociologues, politologues et juristes, issus de la diaspora turque, ou enseignant e...continua

Le ministre des Affaires étrangères, Abdullah Gül, avait même, un moment,annoncé sa présence le jour de l'ouverture. A quelques jours du 3 octobre, qui
marque l'ouverture des négociations d'adhésion de la Turquie à l'UE, ce nouveau contretemps ne va p

Born: 06.07.1956, Armenia (USSR)
Since 1972: Research on the new painting technic that creates photographic accuracy and 3D depth.
Fingerprints of the 20th century.
This new painting technic is a direct replica of the technologies, developed by the industrial revolution. Why Indust

(Nicosia Wednesday 21 Tuesday 2005) - Moments before Gibrahayer e-magazine was being dispatched, a third candidate - Parsegh Zartarian of Nicosia, joined the two doctors of Nicosia for a bid for the October 9 by-

Dear Simon Aynedjian,
My name is Stepan Kerkyasharian and was born in Nicosia Cyprus.
I now live in Australia.
I found out about your e-publication from y sister and would be obliged if you could add me to your subscribers list.
I take this opportunity to congratulate

Armenians and Turks live in different eras. If we want to build a true dialogue between the two sides, it is GIBRAHAYER e-magazinethis time-related fact that we first need to recognize. What happens when an Armenian girl speaks about her past with average Turkish women?

GIBRAHAYER e-magazineThe Lord And the Madness of Mammon-Worshippers
Requiem for an Armenian nuclear Family
We proudly present the first publication of this new poem by Prof. P

Affinity with Night Skies: Astra Sabondjian's Story is a new biographical novel by British Armenian author, Astrid Katcharyan. Her book was just published by Taderon Press and released in London to great acclaim. Affini

•15 year old Zaruhi Harutyunyan of Armenia has began her training schedule with the Cyprus National Tennis Team. Her training involves more than six hours of drills and physical training every day. She will soon be travelling from Cyprus to ITF tournaments in Europe and the Gulf.

•PUBLIC DEBATE with the participation of the candidates of the by-election. Details to follow, pending confirmation by the candidates. Gibrahayer e-magazine will circulate a special issue by the end of the week, Wwith details of the public debate.
•KEF AT AYMA on October 1, 2005 with

A l’initiative des trois politiques arméniens, FRA Dachnaktsoutioun, ADL Ramgavar, et Social-Démocrate Hentchak, une manifestation exceptionnelle contre cette Turquie négationniste dans l’Union européenne, aura lieu à Luxembourg, le lundi 3 octobre 2005, date ...continua

September 15, 2005

International Relations Committee Chairman and Ranking Democrat Lead Strong Bipartisan Majority in Approving H.Res.316 and H.Con.Res.1

Sabato, 17 settembre - Ore 17,10. Raiuno
Uomini e religioni di tutto il mondo, insieme per parlare di pace. Da Lione, Andrea Sarubbi racconta l’incontro organizzato questa settimana dalla Comunità di Sant’Egidio, con l’obiettivo dirichiamare le varie confessioni ad un

La Padania 14/9/05
Stupore e indignazione per il processo allo scrittore che ha parlato di genocidio degli armeni
La stampa Usa boccia Erdogan New York - L’America si indigna per la causa di Orhan Pamuk, l’autore di “Neve” e “Il mio nome è Rosso” mess

Dr.Atamyan's candidacy expected to follow
Gibrahayer September 12, 2005. A prominent community activist - a dentist by profession - with an impeccable track record in commu
Day Two in Iran: A Meeting with Rafsanjani's Son •
Day Three in Iran: Meeting with the Grandson of Ayatollah Khomeini •
Day Four in Iran: Women Rights Rally Turns Ugly •
Day Five in Iran: The Journey

Parigi, 10/09/2005
Il 3 ottobre gli aermeni di Marsiglia (Francia) sarnno in Lussemburgo per chiedere il riconoscimento del Genocide prima che la Turchia entri in negoziato con l'Unione europea. Arméni dell'Europa sono invitati di partecipare a questa manifestatone che e'sostenuta da F.R.A.

Gibrahayer. Nicosia Tuesday September 6, 2005. The Armenian community of Cyprus bid a final farewell to its representative in the Cyprus Parliament of ten years, Bedros Kalaydjian on Saturday September 3, 2005 at the Armenian Cemetery of Larnaca after a funeral service at Sourp Stepanos Church in hi...continua
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