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Press-Release August 30, 2008<br>
From September 2 to September 15, a temporary exhibition called “Armenian Sport in the Ottoman Empire” will be on display at the Armenian Genocide Museum. A total of about 70 photos, documents, newspapers and magazines will be on show. They re

Check out her website!
When you go you Istanbul and visit the Armenian Church (Üç Horan Ermeni Kilisesi) in Beyo&#287;lu District; which is nowadays the most active art & entertainment centre of Istanbul, do not miss this charming boutique hidden away in
-Turchi infetti di sangue armeno-
Saturday, 23 August 2008

It's a tiny book, only 116 pages long, but it contains a monumental truth, another sign that

Armenian Worldwide Campaign in english - francaise - español
In English -
On January 2008 on the fascicule collection “They made History” by
Larousse Editions and La Nación newspaper, Mustafá Kemal “Ataturk”
who founded “Modern”

Hollywood postponed
-Golshifteh Farahani has been prevented from heading to the US to discuss future film roles. It's a pointless waste of talent
-Souraya Tehrani,
-Friday August 22 2008 15:30 BST
Golshifteh Farahani was turned back at Imam Khomeini airport, Te
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Glastonbury Review - July 2005
Patriarch dismayed at ‘loss’ of Melkonian fortune
The Armenian Patriarch of Istanbul and All Turkey His Beatitude Mesrob II has expressed his deep concern and dismay over the possible loss of a substanti

Surb Karapet superior’s life attempted not for the first time
08.08.2008 16:19 GMT+04:00
/PanARMENIAN.Net/ It’s not for the first time when Istanbul-based Surb Karapet Armenian church superior’s life is attempted. Father Pargev Nalbandian was ass

By Appo Jabarian :USA ARMENIAN LIFE Magazine

During numerous previous decades, at a time when Olympic Games were in progress, many warring nations voluntarily abstained from any military activity. No country staged a military aggression against another country....continua

Come and enjoy the music of the oud, dumbeg and kanoun with NEA Folk Arts Heritage Award Winner and master musician RICHARD HAGOPIAN

Performing Live at California Plaza, Downtown Los Angeles.


Dear Friends,
We wish to congratulate all Armenians worldwide on the occasion of The 4500'th Anniversary of Hayk's Victory over Bell at Hayots Dzor Battle.

Please read the attached articles on significance of Hayk's victory, read the ancient Armenian " Birth of Vahagn" poem, d

Are these macabre, gruesome, phantasmagoric, tragic and blatantly inhuman tales of terror written as a horror movie script to illustrate a latter-day Hieronymus Boschian Hell? Alas, not so. They are far from being ‘out of this world’. Sadly, they partake the world we are living in, even ...continua

Dear Friends:
For the first time in the Diaspora's history, Tbilisi's Petros Adamyan State Armenian Dramatic Theatre is invited to America. The theatre will be touring major Armenian populated centers of the United States and Canada during the months of September and October of 2008.


6 agosto 2008 - Il reportage per la televisione CHE NE FACCIAMO DI TEHERAN è on-line VIDEO,il link è
Che ne facciamo di Teheran? Quest

English text in PDF format and the photos of the Interview with the Editor of Lebanon's Aztag Daily Shahan Kandaharian is available at the following link:

< Archive/ArchivePDF/English/07- 31-2008.pdf>

Armenian text in PDF format and the photos of the
[July 21, 2008]

During a recent working visit to Istanbul the Editors of “Hetq” had the opportunity to visit the offices of the “Agos” newspaper founded by the late Hrant Dink. While there we were able to interview

Bush Dissenter: "Don't Start a War With Iran"
Tuesday 29 July 2008
by: Spencer Ackerman, The Washington Independent

Admiral William J. Fallon
Fallon makes one of his first public appearances since leaving US Central Command.

In a roundtable Tuesday, Adm.

Visite historique du président turc près de la frontière avec l'Arménie, fermée depuis 1993


"C'est donc là l'Arménie ? Si près ?" Surpris, le président de la République turque
...continua >> armenian
Some of the darkest pages of the Armenian Diaspora were written with blood during 1956-58 and had lasting effects on almost all Armenian communities throughout the world. Prof. Ara Sanjian's article deals with this &q

The European Armenian Federation recently alerted the European Commission on the condemnation of the Turkish dissident Ragip Zarakolu in virtue of the Turkish Penal Code 301 article and the new violation of principles of freedom and democracy (that this case constitutes). The Federation reminds that...continua
19 juillet 2008 | Association Suisse-Arménie | Berne
Position officielle de l’Association Suisse-Arménie (ASA)

Arménie et Turquie: négociations secrètes à Berne
L’Association Suisse-Arménie (ASA) se réjouit qu

Candidature turque et haine négationniste au cœur des menaces que « l’Europe-protection » de la présidence française se devrait d’éradiquer

La Fédération Euro-Arménienne pour la Justice et la Démocratie informe qu’

GIBRAHAYER - e-magazineò. www dot gibrahayer dot com

Tuesday 8 July, 2008 - Anatolia News Agency, Turkey - A Turkish court in Istanbul began on Monday the first open hearing of Turkish-Armenian journalist's assassination case.
This is the sixth hearing at the Istanbul Criminal
...continua and Armenia Advocate Bodil Biørn
At 10.40am, on July 22nd of 2008, the Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute is sponsoring a memorial plaque dedication ceremony in honor of the famous Norwegian missionary Bodil Biørn. Press Release
July 19, 2008
A Memorial

La Fédération Euro-Arménienne a récemment alerté la Commission européenne de la condamnation du dissident turc Ragip Zarakolu en vertu du tristement célèbre article 301 du code pénal de son pays et de la nouvelle violation des principes de liberté et...continua

Objet : Information Warfare Requires Constant Attacks
Anahit Yesayan . Hayots Ashkhar Daily
Published on July 10, 2008 Armenia

"Protecting oneself in the information warfare is already a defeat. No protection is allowed in this war; it is necessary to launch attacks all the ti
...continua <> .
Attached is a Power Point presentation by Onnig Beylerian entitled Participation of the Diaspora in the Political Process in Armenia. This presentation was one of talks given during a public roundtable discussion on Policy Directions in Post-Elect

July 12th, 2008 •
How the PKK Operates in Europe
By Philipp Wittrock in Berlin
While the PKK concentrates on non-violent activities and propaganda work in Germany and Europe, in Turkey it is involved in a violent struggle for an autonomous Kur

Saturday, 12 July 2008
-- Ankara Continues its Blockade of Armenia; Genocide Denial

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM – Recently elected Armenian President Serge Sargyan made overtures to his counterpart in the Turkish Government this week, inviting President Abdullah Gül to join him in Arme

Serzh Sargsyan: The visit of Turkey's President to Yerevan Serzh Sargsyan The visit of Turkey’s President to Yerevan will become a symbolic start in our relations

09.07.2008 12:20
RA President Serzh Sargsyan published
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