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The Associated Press -Friday, October 20, 2006; 6:13 PM
BRUSSELS, Belgium -- A senior U.S. official denounced on Friday a French bill that would make it a crime to deny the k
from Le Monde Thursday 05 October2006(R. From, A.M.USA)

By Claude Edelmann

An affectionate father offers us the hand in marriage of his sick daughter. The beauty is dazzling. And, to top off our happiness,
Friday,October 20,2006- Monday - ISTANBUL 23:21 - (From A.M.USA)
The Radio and Television Higher Board (RTUK) has recommended that Turkish national and local television channels and radios boycott French media.

Jean Eckian- october 22, 2006

Prefecture of Police force of Paris dissuaded, Saturday October 21, an ultra Turkish nationalist organization to demonstrate in Paris on the "Place de la Bastille". The "Committee Talaat Pasha" created in year 2005, had as an intention to p
NY Times Editorial
France in Denial
Published: October 17, 2006

We’ve argued many times that Turkey must come to grips with the crimes of its past and stop prosecuting writers who mention the Armen

Le RV européen hebdomadaire proposé par Stephen BUNARD
Le lundi à 12h40 dans le cadre du "12/13 Europe"
Rediffusé le vendredi à 8h47 et 18h47
sur 107.6 FM pour les Bruxellois / autres

PanARMENIAN.Net 18.10.2006 17:26 GMT+04:00

PanARMENIAN.Net/ RA Deputy FM Arman Kirakossian received the Italian MFA delegation led by Undersecretary Famiano Crucianelli. The parties noted the high level of relations between Armenia and Italy and spoke for their strengthening, especially in

Agence France Presse -17 octobre 2006 mardi

Une delegation internationale de parlementaires a critique mardi a Paris l'Unesco pour son inaction face a la destruction du patrimoine culturel armenien en Azerbaïdjan, et remis a son directeur general,
Koïchiro Matsuura, un memoran

Emission de radio aujourd'hui à 17h : L'AR MENIE ET LES LOIS MEMORIELLES

Sur FRANCE CULTURE, au programme de l'émission "DU GRAIN A MOUDRE" de ce vendredi 20 octobre, de 17h à 18h,"l'Arménie et les lois mémorielles".
Participeront, parmi d'au

Jean Eckian - Paris, october 19, 2006

Armenian-French Ayp FM radio announced today that president of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliev wants to fight the influence of the Armenian lobby. Objective: to open a Consulate in State of California (the USA) and an embassy in Argentina. To succeed in this int
The Home Forum>Kidspace
from the October 17, 2006 edition

By Donna Scaramastra Gorman
Arpinka lives with her mother and her grandmother in a one- bedroom apartment in Yerevan, Armenia (pronounced Ar-MEEN-yuh). The apartment

By REUTERS- Published:October17, 2006(From A .M. USA)

HAVANA (Reuters) - At the age of 82, French crooner Charles Aznavour is still looking for new ways to capture an audience and has turned to the hot rhythms of Cuban music to convey his songs.
Aznavour teamed up with Latin jazz piano

10-14-06 ( from A.M. usa)
Let me denounce genocide from the dock
Suddenly, those Armenian mass graves opened up before my own eyes;
By Robert Fisk
10/14/06 "The Independent" -- -- This has been a bad week for Holocaust deniers. I'm talking about those who wilfully lie a

Jean Eckian – Paris, France
A few months before the launch of the«Year of Armenia » celebrated by France, a cultural genocide (or ethnocide) occurred: the systematic elimination, by the
Azeri army, of more than 3,000 tombs on the medieval Armenian site of Julfa (Jugha in Arm

by Jean Eckian
Paris, 0ctober 17, 2006
Tuesday, October 17th, 2006, an international delegation comprised of representatives of different National Parliaments and a Scottish history-of-art
specialist, were received by Mr.Kotchiro Matsuura, Director-General of UNESCO, fro

Analysis: French focus on Armenian 'genocide'
By Clive Myrie - BBC News, Paris- 12 Oct 2006
(from A.M. USA)
A dictionary will tell you that genocide is the organised killing of a people to end their collective existence.

Armenians outside the French parliament Ethnic Armenian ca
(From A.M. USA)
With 5 days having passed now since the announcement that Turkish author Orhan Pamuk had won the 2006 Nobel Prize for Literature, sources in Ankara have begun to speculate on the reasons behind President Ahmet Necdet Seze
(From A.M. USA)
By Paul de Bendern - Reuters -Sunday, October 15, 2006; 9:56 AM

ANKARA (Reuters) - French leader Jacques Chirac has told Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan he is sorry French lawm

CULTURE & SOCIETY 10.16.2006 Monday - ISTANBUL 21:46
An Irony of Fate - Friday, October 13, 2006-
(From A. M. USA)
This is an irony of fate. Orhan Pamuk, who was tried for saying “30,000 Kurds and one million Armenians were killed in these lands,” was awarded th
.......those Armenian mass graves opened up before my own eyes- Published: 14 October 2006- From A.M.USA

This has been a bad week for Holocaust deniers. I'm talking about those who wilfully lie about the 1915 genocide of 1.5 mi

By David Ignatius
Wednesday, October 11, 2006; Page A19

"Present at the Creation" was the title Dean Acheson gave to his memoir about the founding of the post-World War II order. Now, with North Korea claiming to have tested a nuclear weapon in defiance of the international co

L'imponente manifestazione degli armeni a Beirut, del 12 Ottobre, il giorno dell'adozione in Francia della legge sul negazionismo del genocidio armeno...e quella di Yerevan...

By Irina Hovannisian

Hundreds of students rallied outside the French embassy in Yerevan Friday to thank

La lettera di una francese di origine armena all'amica turca ( lei, funzionaria alla Regione Parigina; l'amica, giornalista corrispondente di un quotidiano turco)
Chère amie turque,

Tu me demandes à l'instant ce que je pense de la proposition de loi relative au génocide

Jean Eckian- Paris, 0ctober 14, 2006
Two days after the vote of the French Parliament adopting the text of law penalizing the Armenian Genocide, the memorial set up in the town of Chaville, close to Versailles, was deteriorated in the night from the 13 to October 14. In fact, t

PARIS, FRANCE - In a historic move, the French National Assembly has voted overwhelmingly to adopt a law imposing legal penalties on deniers of the Armenian Genocide.

The legislation, introduced by Christophe Masse, Didier Migaud et Martine David (Socialist group), seeks "to counter t

Possiamo considerare una vittoria per la causa armena la coincidenza dell'approvazione della punibilità del negazionismo del genocidio votato a grande maggioranza dall'Assamblea Nazionale Francese col conferimento del premio Nobel allo scrittore turco Orhan Pamuk più volte condannato per a...continua

Jean Eckian
Paris, october 12, 2006 – 11 : 40 am local
The French Parliament voted, today October 12, 2006, in favour of the bill penalizing the negation of the Armenian genocide. After 3h30 of debates to t

12/10/2006 - 11h57
PARIS (Reuters) - Les députés ont adopté jeudi par 106 voix contre 19 une proposition de loi socialiste qui vise à sanctionner la négation du génocide
arménien de 1915.

Les groupes PS et PCR ont voté pour, de même que

Dans une avancée historique, les députés français ont adopté en première lecture le projet de loi présenté par Christophe Masse, Didier Migaud et Martine David (PS) et qui tend « à réprimer la contestation de l'existence du génocide arm&#...continua

Après analyse des statistiques officielles turques, la Fédération Euro-Arménienne dément que les menaces de sanctions économiques brandies par la Turquie à l'encontre de la France puissent être mises à exécution.

La Turquie a en effet menac
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