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Dear compatriots,
We would like to send you documentary information on Khojalu events prepared by the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic (Armenian, Russian and English). Thus, we kindly ask your assistance for publishing, highlighting and posting these materials th

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During her working visit to Italy
Hranush Hakobyan said this at a press conference summing up the results of 2011, Mediamax reports. She said that frequent statements made by the Armenian government, particularly by President Serzh Sargsyan, prove this point.
“We will

Ramgavar Mamoul
Film-Review; Gelecek Uzun Sűrer (2011/Turkey)/The Future Lasts Forever, Written and directed by Őzcan Alper British Gala Night; 24th January, 2011, 7.30 pm.
at the Cineworld, Wood Green, London.
Someone high-up at

By Lilit Arakelyan
Armenia Now intern
The Feast of Saint Sarkis the Capitan, which is one of the most beloved holidays among the youth and sweethearts, is celebrated on February 4 this year. Traditionally the day before the feast young people eat salty cookies and await the appearance of

This Gentleman came to America in 70's, beside the Winery he ownes over 28 chain supermarket (Value Plus)!

The Darioush Story
'The opening of the new winery and visitor center is, without a doubt, one of the most exciting moments in my life. Ever since I was a young man, when I began my

Please find below Jean-Varoujan Sirapian's response to Robert Badinter, former Justice Minister of France. The article is in French, however at the end you may find an automated Google translation. It's not ideal but gives the gist in English.


Génocide arménien : l'offense e

Chapter IV : on crimes and major offences committed through press or any other means of publication Paragraph 1. : provocation to commit crimes and criminal offences
Art.23.- Modified by the Law 72-546 of July 1, 1972, Government Publication [GP] July 2, 1972; Law 85-1317 of December 13, 1985, a

Press Release
National Association for Armenian Studies and Research (NAASR)
LECTURE BY Taner akçam at naasr
Dr. Taner Akçam, the Robert Aram and Marianne Kaloosdian and Stephen and Marian Mugar Professor of Mo

From: Segreteria Comitato Foresta dei Giusti
To: Hrant Dink Vakfi / Hrant Dink Foundation
Sent: Friday, January 20, 2012 4:54 PM
Subject: solidarity
The outcomes of the trial to the culprits of the brutal murder of Hrant Dink tell us about the efforts that still have to be made by
by Afshin Rattansi, Counterpunch, 20 January 2012
For the first time, British government censors have banned a 24-hour news channel from British viewers. As of the afternoon, UK-time, 20th January 2012, viewers of Press TV, an a

Armeni nel mondo ricordano oggi ,19 gennaio 2012, il 5° anniversario dell'assassinio del noto giornalista armeno Hrant Dink

Sono passati 5 anni dal tragico momento la Turchia non è riuscita a rendere giustizia.

Amnesty International si è pronunciato al riguardo condanndo la T

5 langiueges: English,Farsi,german, Arabic, Spanish;
The compassionate, the merciful
Captain Shahbazi's international campaign and his statement in condemnation of sanctions imposed upon the sale of civilian aircraft to Iran
Extending t

From shadows of the Exile into the light of the Spirit Hrant Nazariantz and the Armenians in Puglia... On January 25, 2012, under the sponsorship of the Republic of Armenia, the city of Casamassima (Province of Bari, Puglia Region of Italy) is celebrating the 50th Anniversa...continua

Filmmaker: Suzanne Khardalian
During the First World War, millions of Armenians were forced out of their homes in the then Ottoman empire, into the deserts of Syria and Iraq.
More than a million people died in what Armenians describe as a genocide, although Turkey rejects this accusation....continua

Key Dates
1. Formative Era and the Kingdom of Ararat

5000 BC Armenian language becomes a separate Indo-European language

2700 BC First mention of Haya in Akkadian inscriptions
2260 BC First mention of Armenia in Sumerian inscriptions

Clic for vot >>> PETITION • Now we have the translation in german and enlish . you can forward for evry body and your freids
• Ora abbiamo in versione Tedesco , inglese e farsi per divulgare agli agli amici vostri ovunque , è u

Bernard-Henri Lévy
On the Armenian Genocide: The
Response of a Handful of Historians
Posted: 1/3/12 04:00 PM ET
Are these people really incapable of comprehending? Or are they just pretending not to understand?
The law whose purpose is to penalize negationist revisionism, vo

Le bloc-notes de Bernard-Henri Lévy
Le 4 Janvier 2012, par Bernard-Henri Lévy, pour Le Point Sur le génocide arménien: réponse à une poignée d’historiens (Le Point, 5 janvier 2012) Ces gens ne comprennent-ils réellement pas? Ou feignent-ils justede n

Former Secretary of the Navy Paul R. Ignatius will give a pair of talks in Southern California on January 29 and 30, 2012, in connection with the publication of his memoir Now I Know in Part in a
revised and expanded edition.

On Sunday, January 29,

January 4, 2012
Paris - Patrick Ollier, Minister for Relations with the French Parliament,announced on January 4, that the bill penalizing denial of Armenian genocide will be presented to the Senate on the last days of January.

On December 22, with support from the French government, t

Muriel Mirak-Weissbach
The bill voted up on December 22 by the French parliament (Assemblee Nationale), which would make denial of genocide (including the 1915 genocide against the Armenians in Ottoman Turkey) a crime, has provoked strong reactions from the Turkish government and sparked a deba
Iran/Armenia: Venerdì mattina Ahmadinejad è partito per Yerevan
TEHERAN – Stamane è partito alla volta della capitale armena il president

Dec.23, 2011
Jean Eckian
Prague - Today, in an interview with journalists from the French television France
2, French President Nicolas Sarkozy, reacts to criticism of Ankara, said:
"France supremely defined policy. France does not require authorization.
France has convicti
Iran’s Ahmadinejad to visit Armenia on December 23
December 22, 2011 | 13:03
President of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will arrive on a visit to Armenia on Friday, Armenian Ambassador in Tehran Grigor Arakelyan told IRNA agency. The visit is mad

Exclusive Special Report, 22 December 2011

Armenian activists from all corners of the far-flung Armenian communities converged Dec. 10 on Sèvres, a suburb in southwest of Paris, to launch the Third Congress of Western Armenians and to open a new and optimistic page in the

Hope in January the law is accepted in the Senate too …..
French Lawmakers Pass Genocide Law on Armenians
By ELAINE GANLEY Associated Press
PARIS December 22, 2011 (AP)
French lawmakers easily passed a measure Thursday to make it a crime in France to deny that the mass killing
The Armenian Mirror Spectator
Posted on November 25, 2011 by Editor
Wanted: Owners of Six Tons of Gold Left in Historic Armenia
By Edmond Y. Adazian
Every time a nostalgic Armen
MEHMET ALİ BİRAND > Fighting genocide calls for radical steps
The “genocide” resolution in France is only a signal flare. It is the ti

From Arthur Hagopian
Sydney, Dec - His home in Sydney's high-end Chatswood suburb is a far cry from the ramshackle camp in Greece where his family had found refuge from the 1915 Turkish massacres and where he grew up, and he no longer goes hungry or unshod.
But Chris Dikian still bears the
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