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Jean Eckian aug 31,
It seems that not only football has a problem with political intrusions.
Soon after FIFA launched a series of warnings towards the Italian Football Fderation ­ for Juventus turning their Calciopoli appeal to a civil court ­

L’Associazione Zatik così vuole ricordare un grande uomo, un grande scrittore, un grande conoscitore della sua gente.
Anche se aveva 95 anni ha lasciato un grande vuoto. La morte del premio Nobel egiziano Nagib Mahfuz ha lasciato tutto il mondo culturale ammutolito.
Aveva descritto come ta
...continua , relayed by Jean Eckian : 30.08.2006 16: 40
Azerbaijan refused to admit the European Parliament delegation, which was planning to hold monitoring at the site of the Armenain cemetery in Old Jugha, MEDIAMAX agency reports, referring to well-informed

August 30, 2006;
When John Evans, the US ambassador to Armenia, last year described the deaths and forced exile of an estimated 1.5 million Armenians early in the last
century as genocide, the local Armenian community rejoiced.
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…..And the Turks? Well, the Lebanese Armenians are objecting to their contribution on the grounds - perfectly accurate, though the BBC will not tell you this - that the Turkish army perpetrated the genocide of one and a half Christian million Armenians in 1915. Oh, what a wondrous plot w
...continua Today.Az » Politics » Mark Katz: "Either the Karabakh conflict will be resolved, or it will get worse for both side"
25 August 2006 [17:00] - Today.Az
"The Azeri-Armenian dispute will not go on as it has. Either it will

Around 1,500 People Are Expected To Participate In Third Pan-Armenian Conference
Yerevan, August 25, Armenress: The third Armenia-Diaspora conference is going to take place September 18-20 in the Karen Demirc

Silva Kaputikian Passess Away
Yerevan, August 25, Armenpress: Armenian poetess, orator, academician Silva Kaputikian passed away today at the age of 87. She was born in Yerevan, January 20, 1919. She graduated from the YSU's Philological Department and then from M

Annette : I came across this article on BBC, it is one year old and you might have already read it, but I thought it was very interesting

Monday, 1 August 2005,

Armenian quest for lost orphans
By Dorian Jones
Producer, M

The European-Armenian Federation for Justice and Democracy welcomes with relief the cease-fire that has put an end to the Israeli bombings of Lebanon and to the suffering of the people. The Federation also supports the International Community’s current efforts aimed at the normalization of the...continua - [August 23, 2006, 15:54:46]

King of Jordan, His Majesty Abdullah II today began his official trip to Azerbaijan with visiting the Alley of Martyrs in Baku. The King and his delegation were accompanied by Deputy Foreign Minister of Azerbaijan Khalaf Khalafov, Mayor of Baku
The total length of the pipeline is 1768 kilometers, of which 443 kilometers lies in Azerbaijan, 249 kilometers in Georgia and 1076 kilometers in Turkey.

The pipeline is mostly 42 inches in diameter, widening to 46 inches in Georgian and the small part of Turkish sectio

From Annette Melikian for ZATIK CNN-Technology-Nabaztag in armeno=Coniglio=Rabbit

Nabaztag can alert users when emails are delivered -- even when its owner's PC is not connected.
PARIS, France (Reuters) -- In the evolution of electronic companions, first came the speaking doll, th

Annette Melikian From USA -Glendale's Abril Bookstore an Outpost of Armenian Culture.
Abril Books in Glendale is a touchstone for immigrants and their Americanized offspring.

By James Ricci, Times Staff Writer. August 10, 2006 f

Thirty years ago, with his native Lebanon goin
...continua From Annette Melikian.USA
Institute for war and peace reporting Armenians Flock to Georgian Coast
Georgia’s Black Sea tourist industry revived by Armenian holidaymakers.
By Eteri Turadze in Batumi "A bottle of Georgian wine please," ordered the customer at a s

Top 5 Myths Circulating about the Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict-
By Adil Baguirov, Ph.D.
Often disputes and conflicts arise due to misinformation and provocations. Once the conflict starts, these myths perpetuate, serve as the basis for additional propaganda

Monday - ISTANBUL 15:56- ZAMAN
Authoritarian Fathers, Sweet Grandfathers

I come across them in the parks, playing fields, and public transportation vehicles. They are side by side, eye by eye, hearth by hearth. There is such a pure flow of love between th

INTERNATIONAL 08.20.2006 Sunday - ISTANBUL 20:07
Israel Violates U.N. Truce, Attacks Lebanon By Foreign News Desk Sunday, August 20, 2006 The Israeli army carried out air strikes and land operations into western Lebanon on the sixth day of the U.N.-brokered ceasefire. Israeli commandoe

La Fédération Euro-Arménienne salue avec soulagement le cessez-le-feu qui a mis un terme aux bombardements israéliens et à la souffrance des populations au Liban ". Elle soutient également les efforts actuels de la Communauté Internationale visant à la no...continua

By David Ignatius ( Armenian )- Friday, August 18, 2006; Page A21

"This nation is at war with Islamic fascists who will use any means to destroy those of us who love freedom," President
Michael Howard in Qandil Mountain-Friday August18,2006

Turkey and Iran have dispatched tanks, artillery and thousands of troops to their frontiers with Iraq during the past few weeks in what appears to be a coordinate

ParisAugust17,2006 Eckian

August 10, The expedition "Tigranakert" of the institute of Archaeology and Ethnology of the Academy of Sciences of Republic of Armenia with the initiative and financing of „France-Karabagh‰ and"Yerkir" Union of NGO-s for Repatriation and S

Beirut, August 16, 2006
Dear Friends,

Today, August 16, 2006 has been the closest day to normal since July 12, the day when hostilities started. Many Haigazian University students and faculty called or visited the campus, inquiring about the fate of the Summer Semester thatwas int
<BR>16 August 2006 [22:55] - Today.Az<BR>
A senior Azerbaijani diplomat was reported on Wednesday to have denounced the mayor of the northeastern Turkish town of Kars for publicly advocating the reopening of Turkey's border with

Hurriyet Aug 10,2006 - Annette da USA Adana MP questions whether US transferring weapons through IncirlikAn MP from the Turkish Parliament (TBMM) has called for an investigation into whether the US military base in Incirlik is being used for tran...continua

Paris, august 9, 2006
Armenian website joins the "Ceasfire petition campaign"
Thank you
Jean Eckian


If you are having one... hope it is a good one !
GIBRAHAYER e-magazineDear subscribers, While wishing a pleasant summer vacation to you all, I highly recommend the following website . Save it on your favourites. I urge you to watch all the presentations and debat

Jean Eckian from Paris via Beirut (obligatory mention)

Rev. Paul Haidostian, Ph.D.
Haigazian University
Beirut, August 7, 2006

Dear ones,

Twenty-six days of our lives have gone by, spiritu

Two bombs in Turkey, 10 hurt (Annatte from USA)
Friday, August 4, 2006 Posted: 1224 GMT (2024 HKT)
(CNN) -- Two blasts detonated outside a bank in the southern Turkish city of Adana on Friday, injuring 10 people, police and eyewitnesses said.

The incident took place outside Oyak Ba
Annette Melikian [July 31, 2006]
Armenians in Europe are taking up space establishing their own mentality. They have not lifted a finger to make Europe trust them, and today they are turning undeserved trust against the Europeans. A Europe
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