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The Turkish civil society forces the hand of its government‏
Da: Jean ECKIAN (
Inviato: martedì 16 dicembre 2008 19.10.19
This is a fact without precedent in the history of Turkey. Thousands of Turkish people sign each day a petition launched by im

On December 9, 2008, the General Affairs and External Relations Council (GAEC) of the European Union adopted its annual conclusions regarding the Enlargement Policy. In these conclusions which insist on the “fair and rigorous conditionality” and on the “reference criteria” ta...continua

An open letter sent to president Gül by more than 300 intellectuals from Armenia echoes a similar request from Turkish intellectuals.

- The European Parliament’s report on Turkey challenged by the letter and the request.

More than 300 intellectuals from Armenia have published last

Track the campaign at
Some 2,500 Sign Turkish 'Apology' Petition on First Day
ISTANBUL (Combined Sources)--Some 2424 Turks Monday signed a petition apologizing to the Armenian people for what they call the “the great catastrophe” of 1915 on the fi

- Une lettre ouverte envoyée au président Gül par plus de 300 intellectuels d’Arménie fait écho à une demande similaire d’intellectuels turcs.

- Le rapport du Parlement européen sur la Turquie mis au défi par ces prises de position

Le Conseil Affaires Générales et Relations Extérieures (GAEC) de l’Union européenne a rendu ses conclusions annuelles sur la politique d’Elargissement de l’Union européenne. Ces conclusions qui insistent sur la « conditionnalité équitable et ...continua

La nouvelle Politique Orientale de l’Union ouvre les portes de l’Europe économique et sociale aux trois républiques caucasiennes, à l’Ukraine et à la Moldavie
La Fédération Euro-Arménienne salue chaleureusement la décision du Conseil euro

Le Conseil Affaires Générales et Relations Extérieures (GAEC) del.Union européenne a rendu ses conclusions [4] annuelles sur lapolitique d.Elargissement de l.Union européenne. Ces conclusionsqui insistent sur la « conditionnalité équitable et rigoureuse »...continua

Khatchatur I. Pilikian
60th Anniversary of the UN Genocide Convention
9th December 2008 In Committee Room 17 of the House of Commons London
Sponsor and Chair: Dr. Bob Spink MP (Independent)
Co-organisers: Solidarity with the Victims of All Genocides, (SVAG)
Nor Serount


Il Giornale (Italy), Sunday 23 November 2008, p. 56 56
by Rino di Stefano

Roberto Saviano is not the only writer to have been threatened with death for havin

Join Us - for Our Christmas Open Housea

Thursday, December 11, 2008 6:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.
At the NAASR Center 395 Concord Avenue
Belmont, Massachusetts 02478


Why I Cannot Be a Conservative
Part II: The Canadian Perspective
Public Good as a foundation of the Canadian existence
It is always time for the public good. Especially in Canada.
Public good, as within the context of a broader concern for the well-being of

- the draft report presented Tuesday in the European Parliament seems to definitely abandon the prospect of Turkey’s progress as well as its accession perspective

- December 2009 set as a deadline date

The Member of the European Parliament Ria Oomen-Ruijten (European Popular

Zardakolu now is pisoner, has ned to be halped -
(in Armenian Language= Zarakolu-i hradaragitche pandargadz en.
Khntrem ays ays loure tser shourtche daradzetsek iren oknoutian hamar.)
Dear Hilda,<BR>
Thank you for the mail.
Bad news. Our technical editor, Mehmet

Shortcut to:
An Historical Overview of the Norashen Sourb Astvatzatzin Church

Kristine Aghalaryan

December 08, 2008
The Norashen Sourb Astvatzatzin Church (Holy Mother of God) is located in a central and ancient neighborhood of T

Honarary Citizen of Spitak
Dear Dott. Kuciukyan,
Greetings from Armenia! I hope you are doing well.

I would like to let you know that upon a strong appeal of Armenian-Italian Friendship Association to the administration of the city of Spitak, you have been awarded an ...continua

Liberation 5/12/2008
Un historien turc retrace le processus génocidaire
Honte. Le massacre des Arméniens selon Taner Akçam.
Un acte honteux. Le génocide arménien et la question de la responsabilité turque Traduit de

AZG Armenian Daily .
The Italian journalist-writer Alberto Rosselli, author of « Olocausto armeno » (The Armenian holocaust) is death threat, announces the Italian press. And in Belgium, Doðan Özgüden, journalist and founder of news agency "Info-Türk", is threatened of lynching by ultra

Subject:60th Anniversary
A warm invitation to a landmark conference on Middle-East Minorities to mark the 60th anniversary of the UN Genocide Convention, on tuesday, 9th December

"The struggle of the Kurds of Iran", monday, 8th december
Rahman Haj-Ahmadi, leader of the Par

Tuesday December 2, Mr. Rene Rouquet, Deputy-Mayor of Alfortville town (area of Paris), with a strong concentration of citizens of Armenian origin, challenged the French government so that the Senate achieves a legislative evolution, in order to punish the negationnists of the Armenian genocide of 1...continua

The Italian journalist-writer Alberto Rosselli, author of « Olocausto armeno » (The Armenian holocaust) is death threat, announces the Italian press. And in Belgium, Do&#287;an Özgüden, journalist and founder of news agency "Info-Türk", is threatened of lynchin...continua

An EU Framework Decision adopted yesterday will ban denial in Europe
The European Armenian Federation invites all the organisations working against genocide denial – associations of genocide victims’ descendants, associations of Human Rights and associations fighting against racism,

La Fédération Euro-Arménienne convie toutes les associations de lutte contre le négationnisme – associations de descendants de victimes de génocides, associations de Droits de l’Homme et associations de lutte contre le racisme, la xé
Envoyé : lundi 1 décembre 2008 16:25
À : ateliers du soleil
Cher(e)s ami(e)s,

Le président de notre association Dogan Özgüden se trouve sous la menace de lynchage des milieux ultranationalistes et diplomatiques turcs

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The largest circulation Armenian emagazine
Circulates every Wednesday . Established in 1999
GIBRAHAYER e-magazine

Dr. Helen Evans Looks at "The Larger Picture"
of Armenia and Byzantium in NAASR Lecture

Dr. Helen Evans, Mary and Michael Jaharis Curator for Byzantine Art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City, presented an illustrated lecture entitled "Armenia and Byz

Una dissacrazione scandalosa del memoriale di Zizernakabert su Google Earth che mostra il nome di Talaat Pasha sulla postazione satellitare del monumento..l'ha scoperta Hayk Demoyan il Direttore stesso dell'Istituto del Museo del Genocidio che scopre suo nome trasformato in Haluk Dolmayan e fitmat...continua

Pejman Tadajon (Iran): Tar, Setar, Oud, Canto
Sanjiay Kansa Banik (India): Tabla, Konnakol
Andrea Piccioni (Italia): Tamburelli, Riqq, Def

La raffinata estetica di tre grandi culture millenarie si fonde attraverso i suoni di tre grandi interpreti; dal

postato 1 giorno fa da APCOM ARTICOLI A TEMAiran/ frattini: servono sanzioni. iran: frattini, sanzioni credibili austria/ nominati ministri del nuovo. Altri Istanbul, 24 nov. (Apcom-Nuova Europa) - Il ministro degli esteri armeno Edward Nalbandian si trova oggi a Istanbul in occasione dell'incontro ...continua

Scritto da Angela Ambrogetti   Lunedì 24 Novembre 2008 12:17  Il canto liturgico, a volte triste ma melodioso, ha invaso la cappella Redemptoris Mater che con la sua decorazione orientale è stata il perfetto ambiente per la preghiera ecumenica del papa e de...continua
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