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21 June 2006 [21:17] - Today.Az
Member-states of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) have issued a demand to Armenia to immediately, unconditionally and irrevocably withdraw its armed units from the occupied territories of Azerb

1) El Conjunto Teatral Armenio “La Boheme” de
Francia Visita por Primera Vez Sudamérica

Después de varios años la comunidad podrá volver a presenciar dos obras del teatro armenio que se representa en Europa y Estados Unidos. Invitado por la Sociedad Ed

L'Equipe Proche-Orient, Iran Caucase (FRE2454 CNRS-Collège de France-Inalco-EPHE)
ont le plaisir de vous convier à la XVe
Mardi 20 juin 2006 de 9h30 à 19 h
EHESS - 105 bd Raspail - salle 8
Archéologie et politique

12.06.2006 16:00 GMT+04:00
/PanARMENIAN.Net/ Turkey will not take part in the EU-Turkey meeting to be held in Luxembourg on Monday if Cyprus's initiative on blocking the opening of talks over some issues is accepted, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan stated. "We will not depart t

Yerkir - 12.06.2006 14:57

YEREVAN (YERKIR) - "During my latest visit to Azerbaijan I stressed the importance of maintenance of cultural heritage. We condemn the demolition of the Armenian cemetery in Old Djulfa in Nakhichevan by an order of the Azeri authorities," Swiss Foreign Mi

By Hilary Leila Krieger- Jerusalem Post -June 11 2006

Meijer, who serves as an adviser to the Christian Union party, which is sponsoring the legislation, described the measure as more urgent now that "echoes" of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadenijad's denials of the Holocaust cou

MOSNEWS, Russia- June 11 2006
Two ethnic Armenians have been shot in Moscow on Saturday night, Interfax reported.
One of the men died, the other received injuries.
In late April, a young Amernian-born man was killed by a group of youngsters in a fight at Moscow's central Pushkinskaya met

by Michael Doyle Bee Washington Bureau
Fresno Bee (California)
June 9, 2006 Friday Final Edition

Republican leaders are refusing to allow an Armenian genocide resolution to reach the House floor, where it almost certainly would pass.

The Capitol Hill blockade

Campaign for Recognition of the Armenian Genocide
E-mail: _info@24april.org_ (
Adjournment debate on The Recognition of the Genocide of Armenians and Assyrians took place yesterday afternoon (Wednesday, 7th June) on th

07.06.2006 18:55 GMT+04:00
/PanARMENIAN.Net/ Azerbaijan has assumed the presidency in the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Parliamentary Assembly for the next 6 months. Milli Mejlis speaker Oktay Asadov will become the next chairman of the BSEC PA. The decision was taken at the

By Cihan News Agency - Zaman Online, Turkey
June 7 2006

Ultra-rightwing Turkish Lawyers Association Chairman Kemal Kerincsiz, who is infamous for filing complaints against journalists and authors in the country, has filed a complaint against author Elif Safak for her book "Baba an

By Cihan News Agency - Zaman Online, Turkey
June 7 2006

Ultra-rightwing Turkish Lawyers Association Chairman Kemal Kerincsiz, who is infamous for filing complaints against journalists and authors in the country, has filed a complaint against author Elif Safak for her book "Baba an

Assyrian International News Agency, CA
June 7 2006

YEREVAN (YERKIR) -- Following intensive lobbying from the above organization, over half the eligible Welsh Representatives of the UK Parliament have signed a motion recogniz

By Steve Springer, Times Staff Writer
June 4, 2006

LAS VEGAS — As the two preliminary fighters circled each other in the ring at Thomas & Mack Center, Diego Corrales watched from a tunnel, his infant daughter, Daylia, in his arms, agony in his eyes.

"It's tough
Poem for an Armenian girl
Nursun Erel
There are some unforgettable moments in people’s lives. If I asked you now, I’m sure you’d be able to tell me some unique stories, wouldn’t you?

I would be. Last night was o
The New Anatolian / Ankara

Yusuf Halacoglu, whose fight against the allegations of Armenian genocide has led him to personally face legal challenges in Europe, now has finally gathered together his findings in a book to counter the Armenian c

On the final day of play in the Turin World Chess Olympiad, Armenia drew 2-2 with Hungary to clinch gold with 36 points followed by China with 34 and the United States with 33 points. The Ukrainian women drew all boards with Armenia to top the women`s division wi

ANKARA AGAIN SEEKS TO MISLEAD EUROPE ABOUT ITS ANTAGONISTIC POLICYTOWARD ARMENIAReports, based on sources in the Turkish government, are beingcirculated by the Turkish media allege that "secret talks" are takingplace between Armenia and Turkey aimed at normalizing relations betweenthese ...continua

: LA NOUVELLE MYSTIFICATION D'ANKARA Des rumeurs diffusées par la presse turque ont récemment fait état desupposées « discussions secrètes » entre l'Arménie et la Turquie. Lessources proches des milieux gouvernementaux turc citent le porte-paroledu gouvernemen...continua

Tuesday 6, June 2006
Sarkisian Basks In Armenian Chess Glory
By Ruzanna StepanianDefense Minister Serzh Sarkisian reveled in the limelight early on Tuesday as he presided over the triumphant return home of Armenia’s national

THE HAGUE (ANP) - The denial of genocide, such as the Holocaust, must be punishable. To this end the Christian Union (ChristenUnie) party has
submitted a bill to the Parliament. Anyone who intentionally denies a genocide or a crime against humanity in ord

Jean Eckian /
Relayed from Wales-Armenia Solidarity
June 5, 2006 c/o Temple of Peace, Cathays Park Cardiff Wales
The Majority of Welsh Members of the UK Parliament Recognise the Armenian and Assyrian Genocide Following intensive lobbying from the above organisation,

We should provide him with the "necessary info"
Azeri Press Agency, Azerbaijan May 25 2006

The postponing of the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly member Edward O"Hara's visit to Baku scheduled for 29 May was due to his lacking necessary documents and materials to

EUROPEAN ARMENIAN FEDERATION European Armenian Federationfor Justice & Democracy EU to Open Accession Talks with Turkey on June 12 By Cihan News Agency Published: Monday, May 29, 2006 [] The European Union is poised to open actual accession talk...continua

UINTERNATIONAL 06.03.2006 Saturday - ISTANBUL 00:26
By Anadolu News Agency (AA), Washington, Ankara
Published: Friday, June 02, 2006 -
The US administration announced its support for democracy in Turkey in response to developments taking place in the country after the May 17

05.24.2006 Wednesday - ISTANBUL 00:27
Turkish American Relations in a Sea of Troubles by
Morton Abramowitz

For the past three years or so American and Turkish officials and cognoscenti have kept an incessant watch on the pulse and temperature of the Turkish-American relationship A

Turkish writer Orhan Pamuk made a plea Thursday for freedom of expression in Turkey on the mass killings of Armenians carried out under the Ottoman Empire, calling on his country to become "free and more open."

"Whatever happened to Ottoman Armenians, we in Turkey should be

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Reports, based on sources in the Turkish government, are being circulated by the Turkish media allege that "secret talks" are taking place between Armenia and Turkey aimed at normalizing relations between these two countries. Sources close to the Turkish government quoted the government's...continua
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