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abbiamo ricevuto la notizia che il documentario HUSHER di Avedis Ohanian, aveva vinto a New York nel mese di marzo scorso, ha vinto ancora a luglio,a Los Angeles.
Best International Director of a Documentary: Avedis Ohan
04.10.2008 13:56 GMT+04:00
/PanARMENIAN.Net/ Iran is hopeful that Armenia and Azerbaijan will have their say about Iran's proposal for mediation in the Nagorno Karabakh conflict settlement process in the near future.

"Iran is

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Robert Fisk's World: Bush rescues Wall Street but leaves his soldiers to die in Iraq Until the elections, the people in the Middle Ea

Università di Lausanne-Svizzera
Laura Bernardi: Una Nuova proffessoresa all'Istituto Interdisciplinare dello Studio della traiettoria biografica
l'Associazione della Comunità Armena di Roma e del Lazio si congratula con Laura per il brillante successo e codivide la gioia dei geni

Jean Eckian - Independent correspondent
Paris, october 1, 2008
About 300 Armenians gathered yesterday, october 1, in front of the French Senate to require that the socialist bill, punishing of one year of prison and 45,000 euros fine, the denial of Armenian genocide adopted by National Asse

By David Ignatius
Thursday, September 25, 2008; Page A19
In times like these, when even the most sober analysts are wondering if we're heading for another Great Depression, it's wise to take a deep breath, head to the basement and dust off a copy of John Maynard Keynes's modestly titled 19

Los Angeles, Calif.--A civil action against the National Archives and Records Administration of the United States was filed yesterday seeking documents as they relate to the Armenian Genocide (1914 to 1925). (Vartkes Yeghiayan v. National Archives and Records Administration of the United States of ...continua

So quale significato ha il Monte Ararat per gli armeni e quale per i Turchi...
Saner vuole vedere un giorno amici i due popoli armeni e turchi...
Questa situazione deve cambiare ..ciò potrebbe succedere solo su pressione di altri paesi come gli USA o Paesi europei ..così diceva Hra

By Dikran Abrahamian BA, MD, September 17, 2008

The Georgian mis-adventure and Russia’s decisive move unleashed a chain of events the description of which is beyond the scope of this miniscule essay. It’s hard to ignore, however, the ensuing flurry of diplomatic activity. Of rel

Giunti in Armenia per la partita Armenia-Turchia , centinaia di turchi hanno visitato Zizernakabert e hanno dimostrato reazioni che variava dalla simpatia al rimorso, dal dispiacere alla negazione ..! Gli ha particolarmente interessato la mostra, in corso nel museo del genocidio, sul contributo degl...continua

AMAP 101 Pavstos Buzand Street, 6/1, Yerevan USA: Box 146, Fredonia, TX 76842 Tel: 077-42-48-06 AMAP © 2008 All Rights Reserved. The Armenian Monuments Awareness Project (AMAP) is working with the Ministry of Culture for Armenia on a multi-year project to increa...continua

In a Sept. 5 column, this writer predicted that the former Soviet Republic of Georgia's Pres. Mikhail Saakashvili's misguided military move against Russian peacekeeping forces stationed in the breakaway state of South Ossetia has de facto triggered a counter-"Rose

Dear Friends of " Ararat Foundation",
On the occasion of the September 6'th, 2008 visit by Turkish President Abdullah Gul to Armenia, at the invitation by Armenian President Serzh Sarkisyan, to watch the September 6 Turkey vs. Armenia soccer match in Yerevan, Armen Ayvazyan, doctor of

Back door talks between Turkey, Armenia continue
The behind the scenes diplomacy between Ankara and Yerevan, which set the ground for President Abdullah Gul's landmark visit to Armenia, continues this week in Switzerland with its third round between the two countries' top diplomats, the Turkish

Article de Ahmet Altan dans TARAF traduit en arménien et présenté par NOR MARMARA
« Ah ! petit frère ! » par Ahmet Altan
mardi16 septembre 2008, par Stéphane/armenews
Note de la réd

Monday, 15 September 2008
Article 301 still oppresses in Turkey despite the law’s supposed reform and Gül’s visit to Armenia

According to the independent Turkish press, AKP Minister of Justice, Mr. Mehmet Ali Şahin, has authorized the prosecution of Turkish int
If only Hrant were here, too
Hrant Dink would be very happy about the whole thing. If he was still alive, he would hug me with a big smile in the middle of the square. I can hear his deep voice: "Yavuz, we managed, didn't we? Look at these pe

Cette demande constitue une première réponse de la Communauté internationale à la visite de Gül en Arménie
Göran Lennmarker, Président Emérite et Envoyé Spécial du Président de l’Assemblée Parlementai
His Holiness Aram I met with Syria’s Grand Mufti Sheikh Ahmad Badr al-Din Hassoun in his Damascus headquarters on Wednesday.

Welcoming the Armenian Pontiff, the Mufti of the Republic recalled his visit to Antelia

MEGHU = Waspe = APE
Have you ever thought of writing about yourself or publishing your own writings in an Armenian paper?
Well, here you go!
Meghu is a monthly paper that publishes writings of Armenian girls and boys aged 6 to 12 living in diaspora. It is published in Armenia and you ca

Volkan Vural, who was the Turkish Ambassador to the USSR during the years of collapse of the latter announced during an interview by Turkish "Taraf" newspaper’s correspondent that Turkey should apologize to Armenians for the incidents of the past.
He mentioned that Turkish P

Ministry of Justice gives permission for the trial of writer Temel Demirer under article 301 for saying there was genocide of Armenians in Turkey at a meeting to protest the murder of Hrant Dink on January
Bia news center - Ankara

Erol ÖNDEROÐLU - hukuk@bianet.

By Appo Jabarian
Executive Publisher/Managing Editor
Much controversy was created with former Soviet Republic of Georgia's surprise military attacks on Russian peacekeeping forces in South Ossetia and Abkhazia.
The ill-devised at
Alan Whitehorn is professor of Political Sciences at the Royal Military College of Canada in Kingston, Ontario. He is also a political commentator and poet.
He has published over 100 academic and journalistic articles, including a number of entries in The Canadian E

To Perform In Other North American Cities v=HHa7NHoEiQs
September 28- October 8, 2008

Los Angeles and Boston, USA -- The YerazArt Foundation, will send its critically acclaimed YerazArt Young Musicians from Armenia group on tour for a series of four con

1. (Jabarian's Column) -- William Saroyan, an American and Armenian Literary Icon, Continues to "Happen!"
2. YerazArt: Armenia's Young Virtuosos of Music and Songs To Appear In Los Angeles
1. William Saroyan, an American and Armenian
Literary Icon, Continues to "Happen!"


PRESS RELEASE For immediate release
European Armenians will be cautiously following the upcoming visit of Turkey's President Abdullah Gul's to Armenia. The European Armenian Federation – which represents the voice of the European Armenian communities – believes that relations betwee

press tv Sun, 07 Sep 2008 16:41:10 GMT
Michel Chossudovsky
Prominent anti-war activist Michel Chossudovsky says the Caucasus conflict is a prelude to a joint attack by the US and Israel on Iran.

According to Chossudovsky, the Canadian economist, the United States had been actively i


Les Arméniens d’Europe suivent la venue du président turc en Arménie avec attention et prudence. La Fédération Euro-Arménienne – traduisant les aspirations des communautés arméniennes d’Europe – considère que les relations entre l’Arménie et la Turquie doivent être gl

September 5, 2008 -Yerevan, September 8
The Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute organizes international conference on September 8, 2008 dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the German missionary Johannes Lepsius (1858-1926).
Johannes Lepsius was the long-life friend and supporter of the Ar
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