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LA Times - Our fraying alliance with Turkey
By Graham E. Fuller - October 19, 2007
Turkish-American relations are in crisis. But the House resolution declaring

This contest is open to all students in grades 7-12 in the United States or foreign equivalent. Prospective participants are invited to submit an essay conforming to the official rules, on the 2008 topic of "Why Remembran

canada com.
Turkey's prime minister called for dialogue and reconciliation with Armenia on Friday as the U.S. Congress weighs whether to approve a resolution calling the 1915 massacres of Armenians by Ottoman Turks genocide.

"While we search for ways to address this painful issue a
Armenia Gets Free Access To Iranian Ports: Deputy Minister Of Transport Yerevan, October 16 /ARKA/. Armenian carriers of cargo have got a free access to the ports in the Persian Gulf and the Caspian Sea, said R

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Thursday, Oct. 18, 2007
The U.S. and Turkey: Honesty Is the Best Policy
By Samantha Power

Ninety-two years ago, the "Young Turk" regime ordered the executions of Armenian civic l

Des intervenants prestigieux et des débats ouverts et animés

La Seconde Convention des Arméniens d’Europe s’est achevée hier, au terme de deux jo

This is the English version of the article originally published in Armenian and Russian
(AZG daily, 10 Oct 2007; YERKIR weekly, 12 Oct 2007; REGNUM News Agency, 12.10.2007)

Armenia's foreign policy must be based on a comprehensive response to the Armenian Question

The process

« Screamers » a feature length documentary directed by Carla Garapedian was screened in the European parliament on 15/10 in tribute to Hrant Dink the murdered Armenian journalist from Turkey.

The documentary explored why Genocides have occurred into the modern day, and involved th
...continua Genocide is a word Bush should use
The modern world has a grim view of those who deny the Jewish Holocaust.
They're vilified, and in Europe, they're even locked-up. I don't agree with the lockin

for Justice and Democracy
The European Armenian Federation has just released the final program of the Second Convention of European Armenians. In addition to the attendance already-announced prominent leaders, the Federation informs that Mr Franco Frattini, Vice
Sona Yeghiazaryan: My biggest dream is to have my own art school Interview by Sylvia Bourdjian - Matta
Azad-Hye Special

Autumn is already here; fresh, colorful yet beautiful and charming. Through its colors I introduce a y

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• Armenia welcomes US genocide vote
Kocharian and Solana
Robert Kocharian, Armenia's president, has welcomed a vote by a US House of Representatives' committee supporting the

un punto di vista turco e la lettera di un armeno...
Si puo entrare direttamente nel sito sottoindicato
Zaman Op ed: Putting ourselves in the other man's shoes on the 'Armenian question'
Putting ourselves in
...continua trovi anche la versione armena.
Khachkar in memory of Armenian Genocide victims inaugurated in Rome
/PanARMENIAN.Net/ A khachkar inaugurated in commemoration of the Armenian Genocide victims was consecrated in Rome October 10. By invitation of the Armenian community

Watch Video! Armenian Genocide Resolution Adopted by the House of Foreign Affairs Committee
Click on

La cerimonia che si è svolta il

Friday, 12 October 2007
The Euro-Armenian Federation announces that 29 countries will be represented in the Seco

Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin, Information Services October 11, 2007 MESSAGE OF HIS HOLINESS KAREKIN II SUPREME PATRIARCH AND CATHOLICOS OF ALL ARMENIANS AT THE JEFFERSON MEMORIAL Washington, District of Columbia – 11 October 2007 It is our pleasure to be here today in Washington, standin...continua

The Independent -London
11 October 2007 16:18
Turkey recalls ambassador after US vote on Armenian 'genocide'
By David Barchard in Ankara
Published: 12 October 2007
Turkey recalled its ambassador from Washington last
Published: 12 October 2007
The story of the last century's first Holocaust – Winston Churchill used this very word about the Armenian genocide years before the Nazi murder of six million Jews – is well known, despite the refu

But in the =hort-term, Mr Erdogan deserves support from abroad for keeping the show on the =oad………
The Independent
11 October 2007 16:35 Leading article: The burden of =istory . Published: 12 October

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The entire sitting of the House Foreign Affairs Committee recognizing the Armenian Genocide can be watched on the Hairenik Web TV in three parts.

The links are the following:

Portion 1, the debate:
Journal of Turkish Weekly
10 October 2007
Interview with Harut Sassounian on Armenian 'Genocide'
Recognition of the Armenian Genocide by Turkey is a secondary issue

Doris Lessing Wins Nobel Prize in Literature
Lefteris Pitarakis/Associated Press
Doris Lessing, winner of the 2007 Nobel Prize for literature, outside her home in London today.
Published: October 11, 2007
Doris Lessing, the Persian-born, Rhodesian

By Tabassum Zakaria and Susan Cornwell 10 minutes ago
A U.S. House committee approved on Wednesday a resolution calling the 1915 massacres of Armenians genocide, brushing aside White House warnings that it would do "great harm" to ties with NATO ally Turkey, a key supporter in the Ira

Jean Eckian / Paris-
Bush: Armenian genocide bill a bad idea
A bid by US lawmakers to label the Ottoman massacre of Armenians a "genocide" will trigger Turkish reprisals and undermine

Wednesday , 10 October 2007
Recent remarks by New York-based Jewish lobby organization the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) about the alleged Armenian genocide have added further fuel to a long-standing debate over the World War I-era deaths of Anat

House panel approves Armenia resolution, but interesting to see what Zaman printed 10/10/07 and the article in Jerusalem post it refers to…
Jerusalem post
Turkey and Arm

By Tabassum Zakaria and Susan =ornwell10 minutes ago
A U.S. House committee approved on Wednesday a =esolution calling the 1915 massacres of Armenians genocide, brushing aside White =ous

Keeping the Torch Alight
By Karen Apostolina
t first glance, the busy Djanbazian Dance Academy in Glendale looks like any other ballet studio. The white walls and floor complement the soft swirl of girls in pink and white leotards spinning by. Young dancers stand in precise rows executing gr
White House: Genocide resolution could hurt relations with key ally
* Story Highlights
* House resolution calls killing of Armenians during World War I "genocide"
* Administration says p
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