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• The lecturer for both 17th and 19th is Dr Rita Kuyumjian , the author of the 2001 outstanding book about Komitas titled Archeology of Madness


The Armenian Engineers and Scientists of America (AESA) organized aSolar Energy Workshop on August 18, 2010. The workshop which was at Parsons corporate headquarters in Pasadena featured four prominent speakers who presented new advancements in the field of solar energy harnessing and usage as well ...continua
By: Harut Sassounian
The Turkish scheme of luring Armenian Church leaders to participate in a religious show at Holy Cross (Sourp Khatch) Church on Akhtamar Island, Lake Va
Story focuses on world’s longest aerial tramway set to open Oct 16 in Southern Armenia

CNN International will feature this weekend the story of a groundbreaking effort underway in Armenia that will bring to life its greatest ancient monastery and spur the reviva
9/06/10 - Issue # 1223
By Appo Jabarian
Executive Publisher / Managing Editor
Santa Monica, California, may be one of the most beautiful cities on the shores of the Pacific Ocean. But soon it may earn a reputation for being ugly from within.

Prof. James R. Russell, Mashtots Professor of Armenian Studies at Harvard University, will give a lecture entitled "The Armenian Magical Medical Tour: A Manuscript in the NAASR Collection" on Thursday, September 1

Please Note:

The announcement of the forthcoming October 7 talk by Dr. Aida Boudjikanian at NAASR in connection with the publication The Armenians of Lebanon erroneously stated that the book was published by the American University of Lebanon with NAASR's Armenian Heritage Press; rather, it

By Muriel Mirak-Weissbach
When Turkish authorities seized Dogan Akhanli on August 10 on his arrival from Frankfurt at the Istanbul airport and threw him into prison, they may have thought they could proceed unhindered, with the law on their side. But they miscalculated utterly. As soon as the n

Prof. James R. Russell, Mashtots Professor of Armenian Studies at Harvard University, will give a lecture entitled “The Armenian Magical Medical Tour: A Manuscript in the NAASR Collection” on Thursday, September 16, at 8:00 p.m., at the National Association for Armenian Studies and Resea...continua

dimanche 4 juillet 2010, par Krikor Amirzayan/armenews
Erévan vient d’être désignée par l’Unesco comme la Capitale internationale du livre en 2012. Information communiquée par la Ministre de la Culture Hasmig Boghossian. L’Armén

Ramgavar Mamoul August 25, 2010
Although the Treaty of Lausanne is supposed to protect the rights of non-Muslim minorities in Turkey – Armenians, Greeks, and Jews – these rights are routinely violated by the Turkish government.
Armenians in Turkey, feari

In order to understand any act correctly, it is necessary to bear in mind a series of factors. One of the most important factors would be the motivation behind the given act, in other words, what prompted it. When we view the planned mass to be celebrated at the Sourp Khatch (Holy Cross) Church on A...continua

By Muath Freij

AMMAN - The Armenian neighbourhood in Ashrafiyeh is one of the oldest areas in modern Amman and a window into the lives of generations of Armenians.

The story of the Kingdom's Armenian society began 95 years ago, when they first moved from Armenia to Jordan. Between

from Arthur Hagopian
Jerusalem, Aug 18 - The language of the Armenian people and their culture, literature and history have always provided a fascinating field of study among "odar" (foreigner) scholars.
Chief among the center of such scholarship in this part of the world stand

August 6, 2010
NAASR Mourns the Loss of Helen Mardigian (1922-2010)

NAASR benefactors Helen and Edward Mardigian mardigians
The National Association for Armenian Studies and Research (NAASR) mourns the loss on August 4 of Helen Mardigian (1922-2010) of Royal Oak, MI. The wife

Dear fiend,
Please watch this video then tell me what does it mean "Artaroutiun" or "Civilized World" ?
The Armenian Genocide Continues...
This is the first film in series of Ordinary Genocide telling the truth about the events of 1988-1992, during which the Armenian population of

Artists invited to help establish museum for Grigorian.s artworks Tehran Times Art Desk
Grigorian (1925-2007), who is recognized as the pioneer of Iranian modern art,died from a heart attack at his home in Armenia in 2007.

His works are currently being kept at the Museum of Literatur
...continua 18 2010 at 10:55 AM
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"Hundreds of visionaries, philanthropists, government and church officials, and community leaders will gather at the ancient T

Published: Monday July 19, 2010
A still from Kosmos. Courtesy of International Film Guide
Yerevan - Seventh annual Golden Apricot International Film Festival concluded July 18 with names of winn

Civilitas programs work in so many different directions, that the simplest way of explaining what we do is to say -- we do what we can to strengthen civil society in Armenia. If that means helping a farmer stand on his feet so that he can engage in the decision-making that effects his life, then tha...continua

We are taking advantage of Atom Egoyan and Arsinee Khanjian’s presence in Yerevan to partner with Counterpart International and offer the Yerevan audience something special – a Civilitas Public Forum on “The Politics of Culture.”

Arsinee Khanjian and Atom Egoyan's n

Armineh jan,thought you would like to see this take care
Armenian Orphan Rug Lives up to Its Name
Posted By Tom Vartabedian On July 21, 2010 @ 2:13 am In Mid-Atlantic
WASHINGTON—Somewhere inside the White House, stashed away inside an obscure storage room, lays an

By Harut Sassounian, Publisher, The California Courier, 22 July 2010
Although the Treaty of Lausanne is supposed to protect the rights of non-Muslim minorities in Turkey – Armenians, Greeks, and Jews – these rights are routinely violated by the Turkish government.

· Seven Pages Ripped from Roslin Manuscript Pits Church Against Getty Museum

Seven illustrated pages ripped out of a medieval Gospels manuscript: Who owns them; who
Iranian Threat ?
by Noam Chomsky
June 29 "2010" -- "ZNet" -- The dire threat of Iran is widely recognized to be the most serious foreign policy crisis facing the Obama administration. Congress has just strength
in English
U.S. Tells Turkey To Honor Deal With Armenia
Armenia -- U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visits the Armenian genocide memorial in Yerevan, 5July 2010.
U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Sunday gave

Ramgavar Mamoul July 2, 2010
Not satisfied with its neo-Ottoman policies of regional domination, Turkey has decided to extend its influence far and wide, to the four corners o

I agree with the opinion expressed many times that, when it comes to Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh), the policies which Ilham Aliyev follows are based largely on domestic factors. Ilham, as his father, belongs to that school of politicians for which only power is sacrosanct, bringing about possibilities...continua

We are not going to negotiate over the right of the people of Artsakh (Karabakh) to self-determination.
Serzh Sargsyan, President of the Republic of Armenia, 1 June 2010

It is for the people to determine the destiny of the territory and not the territo

07.06.2010 17:49
On June 7 the Foreign Minister of Armenia, Edward Nalbandian, received the delegation headed by Bruno Dapei, Chairman of the Provincial Council of Milan.

Greeting the guest, Minister Nalbandian noted that “the Armenian-Italian relations have intensified recently,
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