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Dr. Lerna Ekmekcioglu, McMillan-Stewart Career Development Assistant Professor of ‎History at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, will give a lecture entitled “Wishful ‎Thinking or Insidious Camouflage? Armenians Responding to the New Turkey (1923-1933),” ‎highlighting NAAS...continua
Photograph links Germans to 1915 Armenia genocide
Newly discovered picture shows Kaiser's officers at scene of Turkish atrocity
Robert Fisk
Sunday 21 October 2012

The U.S. Government has responded to the request of Four Prominent Armenian-American Lawyers ‎to issue visa waivers for Syrian-Armenians. Currently, there is no American Diplomatic presence in ‎Syria. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) of the Department of Hom...continua

October 31, 2012
An Open Letter To My Fellow
American-Armenian Brothers And Sisters
My cousin, a 60 years of age diabetic male, has been kidnapped from his own mechanic shop in
Aleppo, Syria, by the Syrian opposition. Fo

Posted by Weekly Staff on October 30, 2012 in News · 5 Comments· Armenia’s Foreign Ministry has confirmed reports that on Sept. 29, ten passengers of a bus traveling from Beirut to Aleppo, among them seven Armenians, hav

BEIRUT (Aztag)—The St. Kevork Armenian Church located in the Nor Kyugh neighborhood of Aleppo was set ablaze, local observers confirmed on Monday.

“The inside of the church, including offices and artifacts have been badly burned,” said spokesman of the Syrian Prelacy Jirai

Il Parlamento di New South Wales, Il più grande stato dell'Australia, riconosce l'indipendenza della Repubblica di Karabagh grazie all'intenso impegno del Comitato Nazionale Armeno dell' mozione è stata presentata dall'On. Maria Ficara da molto tempo sostenitrice della causa armena.

Today, a French delegation consisted of about twenty representatives of several regions of France led by the mayor of Valencia Alain Maurice, assisted by Grégoire Tafankedjian, President of the COADA (Armenian Coordination of Organizations the Drôme Ardèche) and of Baba Sada Sow, proj...continua

Alle Olimpiadi dell'Arte Culinaria vincono le sorelle Vera e Rena Hovhannisyan che rappresentavano l'Armenia...........
Queste olimpiadi si svolgono ogni 4 anni ... Vera Hovhannisyan aveva già vinto l'oro sia alla coppa del mondo del 2010 in Russia, sia alla competizione
culinaria inter

Save the ArQ donates Lab Equipment to the Armenian School of Jerusalem ý
Save the ArQ provided Sts. Tarkmanchatz Armenian Secondary School, in the Armenian Quarter ýof Jerusalem, with all the necessary equipment for the science laboratories including Chemistry, ýBiology and Physic

From Arthur Hagopian
Sydney, Oct 4 - In death, as in life, Archbishop Aghan Baliozian, the late Primate of the Diocese of the Armenian Church of Australia and New Zealand, garnered an endless row of tributes from all with whom he came into contact.
And they were legion, for he was a man of

La squadra di Calcio di Karabagh scende in campo internazionale per la prima volta per competere a livello internazionale nell'ambito delle iniziative dell'Associazione di Calcio degli Stati Non-Riconosciuti costituita nel 2003 a Liegi in Belgio. L'Associazione s'impegna a organizzare delle partite ...continua

Giorgi Lomsadze, Tbilisi, Georgia
Laurent Fabius
France apparently has written a new chapter in its history textbooks, and in its recent history of confrontation with Turkey. The story of Ottoman Turkey's slaughter of ethnic Armenians, which Ankara claims was collateral damage from World W
Photochemistry Giacomo Ciamician
Carolina Ghezzo
Giacomo Luigi Ciamician (August 27, 1857 – January 2, 1922) was an Italian photochemist of Armenian descent.[1]
He was born on August 27, 1857 in Trieste, Italy (then part of Aus

By Khatchatur I. Pilikian

The brutal massacre of South African miners of Lonmin mine, Marikana, on August 16, 2012, is already becoming a national mourning remembrance event in South Africa, shaking the foundations of its disastrous economic ap

Da le retroscene della scandalosa estradizione dell'assassino azero....
Movimenti intensi e promesse finanziarie tra Azerbaijan e Ungheria in piena crisi economica...(Tra cui promesse di comprare Bond ungherezi per 3 billioni di dollari!!..........)


Il Presidente Serge Sargsyan ha convocato i Capi delle Missione Diplomatiche in Armenia per riferire all'estradizione verso Azerbaijan e la grazia concessa da Aliyev all'asssassino nel 2004 del soldato armeno (nel sonno) Gourken Margaryan.

Condannato in Ungheria al carcere a vita, Safaro

Culture Desk
On Line: 23 April 2012 16:00
In Print: Tuesday 24 April 2012
TEHRAN -- Parts of the St. Thaddeus Church, one of Iran’s most interesting and notable Christian monuments, are scheduled to be restored before autumn.

A number of stones in the façade of
...continua In 2005 it was conceived to bring together people who had come from the city of Tabriz, Iran, to reunite and celebrate and to preserve Tabriz/ Historic Aderbatakan Armenian history. The inaugural event was organized with the name “Jan Tavriz” (Dear Tabriz) under auspices of ...continua

From l to r: Toorian, Gharakhanian, Sarkissian, Ohanian, Hartounian, Khanoyan, Gorjian, Zadourian, Aintablian, Demirjian, and Karapetian
From The Armenian Weekly
Since the beginning of time, Space has been a source of mystery for man—a mystery they sought t

Armenia, a tiny country with a population of around 3 million for the second consecutive year won at a Chess Olympiad. Thus, Armenia has won a huge victory over such giants as Russia , China and the USA . Chess has been given much attention in many parts of the world, but nowhere they play so enthus...continua

The UNESCO World Heritage Committee is to assess Iran’s Vank Cathedral located in the country’s historical city of Isfahan for a possible inscription on the World Heritage list.

The historical records of the church has been prepared by cultural heritage experts and compiled

By Ara Caprielian
Armenian Mirror-Spectator
WOODSIDE, N.Y. " On Thursday, April 12, at the Armenian Center here, four female writers of the diaspora presented their works at

Center for Armenian Remembrance (C.A.R.), CenterAR News- FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
We Are Our Brothers’ Keeper - A Secret Alliance,
By: Vartkes Yeghiayan
With a foreword by Antoni Arslan
“I read this book in one breath…thi

The Center for Armenian Remembrance is proud to bring the first of its kind digital archive of this vast collection of publications. The bibliography is available to the public and fully searchable at Visit this link, search and explore our vast archive toda...continua
450 des 650 églises en Iran sont arméniennes
La cérémonie inaugurale de l’exposition consacrée aux « Églises arméniennes d’Iran » s’est tenue dans le bâtiment
Une Fondation d’un pays à majorité musulmane, l’Azerbaïdjan, a accepté de financer la restauration de catacombes chrétiennes de Rome, en vertu d’un protocole signé vendredi au Vatican.

– June 13, 2012 By Harut Sassounian
California Courier

A tragic pattern of bloody engagements continues to recur along the Armenia-Azerbaijan border at great human cost. Whenever high level visits or international meetings are scheduled on the Artsakh (Karabagh) conflict, Azerba

by Khatchatur I. Pilikian
Battles are won or lost irrespective of the wars whether they are won or lost. Hence the saying: ‘The
battle was won but the war was lost’. In fact it is a rare historical event when and where the war and its
decisive battle are both won, or lost for that mat

Kirakos Ganjakets'i's
History of the Armenians
Translator's Preface
Armenian history, Caucasian history, Iranian history, Arab history ...

Kirakos Gandzaketsi's History of the Armenians is a primary source for the study of the Armenian highland
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