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Iniziativa Culturale: 21 Nov 06 –Breaking News 11:37 - (From Annette M. USA)

Ultimatum from Finland EU Term President Finland's Prime Minister Matti Vanhanen has announced that the EU Ministers will make a decision for Turkey's condition in case it doesn't o

Dear all, This action will be launched tomorrow. I will email/phone you as soon as the website will be opened. You can already tell your friends, relatives, contacts about this fax action because everyone can send faxes, not only associations. Sincerely. *****...continua

- Europe takes note of the European aspirations of Armenia
- Growing acceptance that the principle of self-determination should guide the settlement of the Karabakh conflict
BRUSSELS, BELGIUM - The European Armenian Federation has welcomed the adoption of the EU Neighbourhood Policy's A

Chiese usate come stalle o discariche, monasteri cristiani distrutti o trasformati in caserme, affreschi sacri medioevali rovinati irrimediabilmente o asportati e rivenduti all'estero. A questi e ad altri scempi compiuti dai turchi nei confronti dei luoghi di culto cristiani si riferiva Benedetto XV...continua

- Europe takes note of the European aspirations of Armenia
- Growing acceptance that the principle of self-determination should guide the settlement of the Karabakh conflict<BR>

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM - The European Armenian Federation has welcomed the adoption of the EU Neighbourhood
L'Europe prend note des aspirations européennes de l'Arménie
- Le principe d'autodétermination mis en avant dans le règlement du conflit du Karabakh
La Fédération Eu

Urgente. Ayúdanos a lograr votación Ley Genocidio Armenio en Diputados.

Fuerte presión turca a último momento para que no se trate la Ley.

CAMPAÑA DE 7 DÍAS (hasta 24/11/06) para repudiar a Diputada Patricia Fadel, cabeza visible del lobby turco en Ar

Questo sito è dedicata al Nancy Pelosi, Novo Spreaker del Parlamento USA Favorevole causa ARMENA
</P> ********<BR>
November 16, 2006
Madame Speaker holds the hopes of Genocide recognition supporters An Ame

From: "Gharabegian,Areg"
Date: 16 Nov 2006, 05:20:33 AM

Attached are detailed write ups that describes the Fast Growing Tree Project in Armenia and high level government corruption that is jeopardizing this project. Approximately 12 hectares of th
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Gibrahayer Nicosia - November 13, 2006 - A prominent architect from Nicosia - Nazaret Tavitian affiliated with Melkonian affairs, is suing Gibrahayer e-magazine and its Editor Sim
F. Stephen Larrabee;
International Herald Tribune , November 14, 2006

WASHINGTON: Once considered one of America's closest allies, Turkey today is engulfed by growing anti-Americanism. A recent survey by the German Marshall
...continua NewYork Times
By LESLIE WAYNE- November 11, 2006

Sales of military weapons by United States contractors to foreign governments doubled in the last year, as countries like Pakistan, Australia and Greece st
...continua Independent- London
Robert Fisk -11/15/06

The UN troops claim they are in Lebanon to protect the Shia. The Shia think they're there to protect Israel from Hizbollah. Is this because the peacekeepers are really a Nato army i
Jean Eckian/ 14.11.2006 11:53

Khachkar to the Armenian Genocide to be erected in Rome

The 20nd district of the City Council of Rome unanimously approved a resolution for erection of a Khachkar commemorating the

Por primera vez, este tipo de hallazgo esquiva la censura turca.
Ocurrió en Mardín, anatolia turca. El hallazgo fue fortuito. El ejército turco intentó ocultar el hecho. Una TV satelital transmitió las imágenes. Ya hay repercusión política en Europa.
Para ver Fotos y dejar tus comentari

The third Armenian-Diaspora mass media forum with the participation of more than 134 representatives from 15 countries started its work in Tsakkhadzor on September 16, 2006.

Among many speakers was also Armen Ayvazyan, Professor of American University of Armenia, Founder and Executive Dire

Watch Anna Djanbazian
Use the link below to watch Anna Djanbazian’s video interview, it includes few glimpse of “Komitas” and “Rumi” ballets.
Anna Djanbazian is known
...continua AKP Prepares Draft Changes on Controversial Article 301 By Omer Sahin Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Turkish government has decided to take steps on Article 301 of the Turkish Penal Code, a major stumbling block in Tur
...continua By Stephen Castle in Brussels Published: 09 November 2006
Turkey was criticised for human rights failings and corruption yesterday and told to make concessions over Cyprus if it wants to avert a breakdown of EU membership

- Report Fails to Address Armenian BRUSSELS, BELGIUM - This Wednesday, November 8th, the European Commission released its regular report on Turkey.
The political dimension of the negotiation process has been removed from this document and is now included in a second report, entitled, "Enla

GIBRAHAYER e-magazine
The largest circulation Armenian e-magazine
Circulates every Wednesday
Established in 1999

GIBRAHAYER 4.11.2006 - Turkish Police tried y

- La question du génocide des Arméniens exclue du rapport
- La Commission refuse de suspendre les négociations

La Commission européenne a diffusé ce mercredi 8 novembre son rapport régulier sur la Turquie. Les conclusions politiques sur les suites à do

• Dîner de gala du CDCA
• De hautes personnalités politiques honorées
• Les arméniens de Grèce soutiennent l’action de la Fédération

Ce samedi 4 novembre, le CDCA (Comité de Défense de la

This is the link to the website where you can watch Hrant Dink interview. It is from last Wednesday Nov 1,2006 ( From Annette Melikian- USA )
-From Annette Melikian USA-
Armenian worldwide population today, is estimated at a little more than 10 million. Although it is an impossible task to compile an accurate count of all Armenians in the Diasp

EUROPEAN ARMENIAN FEDERATION European Armenian Federationfor Justice & Democracy Euro MP claims ‘genocide’ recognition more than criteriaSunday, November 5, 2006‘I don’t see a positive result, and I see bitterness and frustration in Turkey in the event of the failure of...continua

Jean Eckian, Paris
Since few days, website YouTube * has proposed to listen to five contemporary compositions of which one of Aram Khadchadourian, to replace Mer Hayrenik current. The Armenian government had launched in year a 2005 contest addressed to composers inspired by this patriotic topic

Jean Eckian , Paris, november 5, 2006
After having attacked many French websites (approximately 900),Hackers of Turkish origin pirated the symbolic website <> to protest against the positive vote of the member of the French Parliament penalizing the negation of Armenia


Por única vez, tenés la oportunidad de vibrar con toda la fuerza de la música armenia!!!

Venida de Armenia, La diva del Pop Armenio presenta todos sus éxitos por primera vez en la Argentina, como artista invitada de la UGAB y auspiciada por la

Associazione della comunità Armena di roma e del Lazio,
Ci manda una raccolta dei dati e punti di vista di varie persone di diverse nazionalità sulla questione armena.
From: Alec Yaverian
Sent: Thursday, November 02, 2006 4:34 PM
Subject: Fw: The question of genocide
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