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Descendants of victims can't sue foreign insurance companies for unpaid claims because the U.S. government doesn't legally recognize the genocide, a three-judge 9th Circuit panel rules.
August 21, 2009

massacre by Ottoman Turks can't sue foreign insurance companies for unpaid claims be

Asbarez News- Aug. 10, 2009

WASHINGTON—Former FBI translator Sibel Edmonds testified under oath Saturday about shocking de

Sevan Aslanian
If you start asking around a little in Addis Ababa if anyone knows any Armenians, Sevan’s name is often the first that is mentioned. The first time I heard of her was from a Swedish missionary in Addis Ababa, who got her hair cut at Sevan’s sa
Garbis Korajian, a personal friend and a reader of Keghart, brought to my attention an essay about Armenians in Ethiopia. Reportedly, the material was used for a PhD thesis by a Swedish author. Unfortunately, a search did not reveal his identity. Having personal k

Aired on Saturday, August 1, 2009.
On debating members of the Armenian National Congress
I have no problem debating anyone. I’m happy to debate any issue, but that debate must serve a purpose. Specifically on the topic of Nagorno Karabakh, I see no r

Armenians and Kurds
Lately there has been a hopeful atmosphere in Turkey for the settlement of the so-called “Kurdish issue,” which for around 30 years cost the country enormous bloodshed and huge losses of financial and human resources, and saw th

Dear Friend,
Famous author and French philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy, defender of the Armenian issue, has just opened a page on Facebook from which he plans to impulse operations of communication of great scale.

He intends in particular to throw back the question of penalisation o

[ 28 Jul 2009 16:31 ]
Baku . APA. US Armenians began campaign against Chevron Oil Company accusing it in lobbying against the so-called .Armenian genocide. resolution at the ongress. The Armenian Revolutionary Federation Dashanksutyun.s youth organization started campaign to inform the public

Dr. Levon Chorbajian, Dr. Asbed Kotchikian, and Dr. Henry Theriault will take part in a panel discussion entitled “Armenia’s Foreign Policy on Two Fronts: Recent Developments in Nagorno-Karabagh and Turkey-Armenia Relations” on Thursday, August ...continua

By Chahe Tanachian, Montreal, July 2009
Please read Chahe Tanachian's plea "to make Armenia honorable again in the International Astronomical Union". There are times that people need to act beside hearing, listening and reading. This

Moldova Foundation, Washington, DC- Comunicat de presa
13 iulie 2009
Actiune de mobilizare a voturilor pentru alegerile din 29 iulie 2009 in Republica Moldova

Fundatia Moldova din Washing

KOHAR in Syria
To read Azad Or's latest Greek language supplement-Issue 11 click here

GIBRAHAYER e-magazine


Dr. Anny Bakalian will present an illustrated talk entitled “Subversive Tourism? Armenian Pilgrimage to Historic Cilicia,” on Wednesday, August 5, 2009, at 7:00 p.m., at Alwan for the Arts, 16 Beaver Street, 4th Floor, New York City. The event will be co-sponsored by Alwan for the Arts...continua
Apostle Bartholomew’s burial site still is a restricted area 02.07.2009

Apostolic church was founded by two Apostle’s St. Bartholomew and St. Thaddeus, who where martyred during their mission in the southern
2009/07/10 | 19:08 ] Nagorno Karabakh politics
Today, at the G8 Summit in Italy, U.S., French and Russian leaders urged Armenian and azerbaijani leaders to resolve a long-running dispute in the Nagorno-Karabakh region.

The joint

HONOR MAHONY - 06.07.2009 @ 09:12 CET
EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS – France has warned Sweden to respect its views on Turkey's EU membership negotiations during its EU presidency, saying it will tolerate the two sides moving closer only in certain areas.

"Everybody knows that as re

Museum G-Brief
Anna Aleksanyan
Armenian Genocide Museum & Institute, Researcher The history of the establishment of Armenian and Turkish Theaters in the Ottoman Empire On the occasion of the 140th anniversary of the establishment of the Turkish Theater Historic evidence shows the establi


La giornalista americano-iraniana Roxana Saberi, incarcerata in Iran con l'accusa di spionaggio, ma liberata lo scorso mese, ha fatto ri

NEGATIONNISME - That’s Enough !! - Ça Suffit !!
English - Français
lundi8 juin 2009, par Jean Eckian/armenews
Depuis l’apparition des nouvelles technologies permettant les communications inter-con

Dr. Gayane Novikova, founder and director of the Spectrum Center for Strategic Analy-sis in Yerevan, Armenia, and currently Fulbright Research Scholar at the Davis Center for Rus-sian and Eurasian Studies, Harvard University, will give a lecture on “The 2008 Five-Day War and Shifts in Sec

'AGBU (Armenian General Benevolent Union) annuncia l'inaugurazione del Collegio Virtuale Armeno per l'estate 2009 -dal 15 Giugno al 14 Agosto-.....
I corsi vengono insengati in uno delle sei lingue seguenti: armeno orientale, armeno occidentale, francese,inglese, russo e spagnolo.
per info.

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Armenian-Lebanese Swing Vote In Metn
Helps Gen. Aoun Emerge As Parliamentary Leader Of Lebanon’s Christians

By Appo Jabarian
Executive Publisher / Managing Editor
USA Armenian Life Magazi
...continua L’UGAB a le plaisir d’annoncer l’ouverture des inscriptions pour Eté 2009 à l’Institut Virtuel Arménien, nouveau programme d’apprentissage sur Internet. Ainsi, dans le monde entier, seize cours seront offerts lors de cette période couvrant les trois sujets principaux: l...continua

Below are the details of a book published in French about Armenians written by a Christian Egyptian from France
You probably can give visibility to the book in your newsletter.The name of the Novel is "Erevan"written by Gilbert Sinoue.

Kevork Manguelian

da SWISS info
Les présidents arménien et azerbaïdjanais parlent paix Saint-Pétersbourg - Les présidents de l'Arménie et de l'Azerbaïdjan se sont rencontrés jeudi en Russie. Ils ont discuté dans le cadre de leurs tentatives pour trouver une solution a

Issue 19 06 June 2009
Syrian restaurant in YerevanWith a welcoming smile, the waitress is handing me the menu with a list of Arabic words written in Armenian, English and Russian letters. These words sound pretty odd in Armenian, however many Armenians already know them very well. "What wi

da SWISS info
Les présidents arménien et azerbaïdjanais parlent paix Saint-Pétersbourg - Les présidents de l'Arménie et de l'Azerbaïdjan se sont rencontrés jeudi en Russie. Ils ont discuté dans le cadre de leurs tentatives pour trouver une solution a

By Ivan Watson - CNN
ISTANBUL, Turkey -- Nearly two months ago, President Obama embarked on a two-day, two-city charm offensive in Turkey, a predominantly Muslim country and NATO military ally whose people give the United States abysmal approval ratings.

The American p

Jun. 1, 2009
Israel has actively sought to establish friendly relations with Azerbaijan and other Muslim states in the post-Soviet space. Relations between Israel, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan serve as a model for cooperation between the Jewish state and

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Anoosh Chakelian, una brillante studentessa armena di Oxford University scrive sul blog della rivista online, THE ALLIGATOR...(ved.sito sottoindicato)
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