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LA TIMES: (Annette Melikian -USA),1,1545675.story?ctrack=1&cset=true
The former U.S. ambassador's use of the term leaves Congress poised for a battle between pragmatism and principle.
By Maura Reynolds, Times

LATimes: By Benjamin Harvey,
Associated Press - January 8, 2007 -(Annette melikian- USA)

ISTANBUL, TURKEY — The Nobel Prize-winning novelist Orhan Pamuk took over a Turkish newspaper for a day and devoted Sunday's front page to criticism of the oppression of artists in his native
...continua Melikian , USA)
The absence of a Turkish flag outside the hotel in Rome where President Ahmet Necdet Sezer is staying during his 3 day visit to Italy has attracted attention in Ankara. Outside Rome's Le Grand Hotel there is one Italian flag flying, buf

Armenian is an Indo-European language spoken in the Caucasus mountains (particularly in the Armenian Republic) and also used by the Armenian Diaspora. It is its own independent branch of the family of the Indo-European languages,
Turkish organizations are going to send protest letters to American movie actor Sylvester Stallone who intends to screen Franz Werfel’s ‘The 40 Days of Musa Dagh’. As Turkish Milliyet reports, Savaş Eğilmez, the chairman of the so-called ‘Association on struggle

(PERCHE ARMENI FESTEGGIANO NATALE AL 6 GENNAIO?) 24/12/2006 - The festival generally called Armenian Christmas is a holy day celebrated as the Holy Nativity of Jesus Christ. Christmas is celebrated in the Armenian Church around

Posted GMT 1-2-2007 1:5:4
As Bulgaria and Romania join the European Union today, nearly 800,000 Turks and one million Muslims will become EU citizens.

The number of Turks in Europe will rise to six million and Europe's Muslim population rises to 16 million.

The Europea

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Stallone's deft as Rocky in the Q&A ring- (A. Melikian)
By Michael Booth
Denver Post Staff Writer -
Article Last Updated:12/16/2006 12:27:21 PM MST

Facing the barbs of the insatiable media, Sylvester Stallone is as gracious and imperturbable in answering all q

PRESS RELEASE - (From Annette Melikian , L.A )

The Genocide Education Project
51 Commonwealth Avenue, San Francisco,CA 94118-(415) 264-4203 -
Contact: Sara Cohan - sarac@genocid

(From Annette Melikian L.A.)
Sylvester Stallone is going to shoot a film about the heroic defense of Musa Dag in the Ottoman Empire in 1915 basing on Franz Werfel's novel ‘40 Days of Musa Dag’. In Stallone’s words, during the World War I Turkey has perpetrates mass exterminatio
Paris, December 21, 2006
A. Gazarian
Agop Kerkiacharian
Alain Gerard
Alain Guzelbodur
Alain Terzian
Albert Kendirian
Alexis Govciyan
Alisa (Anahid)
Anna Barseghian
Anne Dastakian

New Documentary Features Satellite Imagery
[December 18, 2006] (Frome Annette Melikian L.A )
Featuring a never-seen-before satellite image
(Annette Melikian - L.A )
The Associated Press-Thursday, December 7, 2006; 10:57 PM
YEREVAN, Armenia -- Three teenagers and their grandmother set themselves on fire in the Armenian capital Thursday to pr
(Annette Melikian - L.A.).
London Robert Fisk: Different narratives in the Middle East No, Israelis are not Nazis. But it's time we talked of war crimes Published: 16 December 2006 Oh how - when it comes to the realit
( From A.Melikian- L.A. )
Thousands of women endure beatings, lacking the means =o protect themselves.
By Gayane Abrahamian in Yerevan and =avar

Almost half of Armenia’s women have =uffered domestic abu

La frustration et le dépit des citoyens turcs
dimanche 17 décembre 2006, Stéphane/armenews

Union européenne . Alors que démarre un sommet gelant en partie le processus d&#
First of all we would like to thank all subscribers of Gibrahayer e-magazine for kick-starting Zaruhi Harutyunyan's career on the international tennis tour.
This assistance enabled her to win five ITF champ

Mark Zoryan: Are they sacrificing Javakh for the Great Goal?Read it in RussianThe struggle for the international recognition of the Armenian Genocide of 1915 is actually an expression of national idea for the Armenian people. This idea is not subject to rational analysis, and, even though the Armen...continua

-- La conférence ne sera pas annulée « pour l'unique raison de ne pas provoquer d'incident diplomatique avec la Turquie » --

La vive controverse provoquée par la tenue d'une conférence destinée à promouvoir l'Empire ottoman dans les locaux de l'Univer

06 12 14 - Argentinian Senate approves the Law of April 24

Jean Eckian
December 14, 2006
Thirteen days after the adoption of the law recognizing the Armenian Genocide by Parliament, Argentinian Senat confirmed in unanimity, Wednesday, the law of April 24 "Da

In english to follow ¡ !!!-Por unanimidad el Senado votó por 57 a favor y 0 en contra.Ahora necesitamos llegar con MUCHAS MAS VOCES para que se promulgue la Ley. ES INDISPENSABLE TU APORTE. No te pedimos tu tiempo, tampoco tu dinero. Necesitamos que aportes tus contactos de e-mail par...continua

Le CDCA Belgique interpelle l’Université Libre de Bruxelles La Fédération Euro-Arménienne demande des explications à la Commission européenne L’UETD, un lobby de la Turquie installé à Bruxelles, organise ce vendredi 15 décembre un « ympos...continua

Subject: International Herald Tribune mer massin
Armenian group criticizes EU decision on Turkey
The Associated PressPublished: December 12, 2006
BRUSSELS, Belgium: An Armenian pressure group criticized the European Union on Tuesday for basing its decision to partially suspend membe

-- European Leaders Again Allow Turkey to Avoid Ratifying the Ankara's Protocol
BRUSSELS, BELGIUM - December 11, 2006 - Two days before the European summit in Brussels, diplomats representing Member-States reached an agreement that represented a major retreat from European values and the Union

-- Parmi ses nombreux manquements, les 25 ont choisi de n'appuyer leur décision que sur la non ratification par la Turquie du protocole d'Ankara --

Bruxelles (11/12/2006) - A deux jours du sommet européen de Bruxelles,les diplomates des Etats-membres sont parvenus à un accord

-- Parmi ses nombreux manquements, les 25 ont choisi de n’appuyer leur décision que sur la non ratification par la Turquie du protocole d’Ankara --

Bruxelles (11/12/2006) - A deux jours du sommet européen de Bruxelles, les diplomates des Etats-membres sont parvenus 

Armenia on French TV - Paris, December 11, 2006
Jean Eckian -
On December 6, french TV, France 3, french TV presented a 30 minute old document devoted to Armenia.Itis available on Google at this address

Jean Eckian
Paris, December 10, 2006
New French-Armenian college
Sunday December 10, in presence of many French personalities and Armenian origin, was posed the first stone of the French-Armenian college "Nevarte Gulbenkian" and cultural space "Teb
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