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06 10 27 - Ambassador's Genocide Denial Case Delayed
By Ali Ihsan Aydin, Paris - October 26, 2006 ( Anette Melikian - USA)

A lawsuit opened against Turkish Ambassador to Paris Aydin Sezgin has once again been delayed because of problems with the court’s computer system.
Following a ‘computer breakdown,’ the Paris Court of Appeals delayed its verdict in a lawsuit opened by Armenians against Sezgin for openly denying the alleged Armenian genocide on the embassy’s website.
The court stated that it would announce its verdict on November 8.
Internet service provider (ISP) France Telecom is also being tried along with Sezgin for their role in publishing the information.
The case, which Ambassador Sezgin is strongly favored to win because of his diplomatic immunity, is notable in terms of the anticipated verdict on France Telecom.
The Paris Civil Court of First Instance, the first authority to discuss the case, ruled that Sezgin could not be tried because of his diplomatic immunity and France Telecom was not punishable by law because the 2001 Armenian genocide law does not carry any sanctions.
The delay reportedly came about because of another ongoing lawsuit the same day, again opened by Armenians, against an encyclopedia named Quid for its alleged “pro-Turkish” version of the 1915 events.
The court had previously confirmed that the Sezgin verdict would be delivered yesterday. However, judicial circles in France, who are very interested in the case, associated the delay with France’s yet-unclear policy on the Armenian genocide and its indecision over how to tackle the problem.
The government is reported to be in close contact with the court in regard to the issue.
Armenian associations have been seeking to convict ‘deniers’ by interpreting other laws in ways that suit their purpose.
At yesterday’s hearing, the prosecution asked the court to punish Quid according to Article 1382 of the French Civil Code, which covers civil liability for offences related to violations of privacy.
The first court that handled the case had found Quid guilty according to this article


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