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The Central Board of the Armenian General Benevolent Union has the pleasure of informing you that the 87th General Assembly will be held on Saturday, October 20, 2012 in Yerevan, Armenia, as well as the numerous events will be organized surrounding the occasion.

The program will began wit

Review of a Stage production, conceived and directed by
Vaughan Pilikian, at The Yard, a new London Theatre in
Hackney Wick, Olympic London.
LEPER COLONY visualizes the moto perpetuo behaviour of a group of outcasts brought together, most probably against their will and haphazardly so

The Circumstances of Signing Golestan and Turkmanchy Treaties and its Contents
Vahid Rashidvash:
Department of Iranian Studies, Yerevan State University, Yerevan, Armenia

‎1 Alex Manoogian Street, 0025, Yerevan, Republic of Armenia,‎

CAIS - Prof. Reza Enayatollah
The Circle of Ancient Iranian Studies
Turkamanchai Treaty
Golestan (Gulistan) Trea

Azarbaijan e Aran , atti pubblicati da GOOGLE sulla documentazione del Libro di Eynatollah Reza intitolato AZERBAIJAN E ARAN con i recenti atti iraniani.‎ Libro Aran Azerbaijan scritto nel 1983 da Enayatolla Reza, ‎recentemente il libro è alla sua V edizione in lingua Farsi ; Nel 19...continua

Renewable Energy in Armenia
By: Tamara Babayan1, Areg Gharabegian2, Artak Hambarian3,
Morten Søndergaard4, Kenell Touryan5
Danish Energy Management in close consultations with main stakeholder and local experts in Armenia has
prepared the Renewable Energy Roadmap for Armenia and

By Muriel Mirak-Weissbach
It is not usually the case that the guest speaker at a commemoration event ‎for the victims of the 1915 genocide against the Armenians is Turkish, at ‎least not in Germany. But in Hamburg, it is becoming somewhat of a ‎tradition, since Toros Sarian fi

Please visit and
light a candle for 1 500 000 victims of
Armenian Genocide in Turkey (1915-1923).
Please send this message to all your friends
to help us to BREAK THE SILENCE!


French President Sarkozy commemorates armenian genocide- Paris- President of the French Republic, Nicolas Sarkozy, will commemorate Tuesday, April 24, the 97th anniversary of the Armenian genocide in Paris. He will speak at 7:00 PM in front statue of Komitas, at Yerevan Garden. He will put deposit a...continua


Race and Space: The Armenian Genocide in the Context of Population and Territory

A Lecture by
U?ur Ümit Üngör
Assistant Professor, Institute for War and Genocide Studies, Amsterdam

The eastern provinces of the Ottoman Empire used to be a m

From Arthur Hagopian

Sydney, April 22 - Eastwood.

It is one of Sydney’s more sedate northern suburbs, languishing in the shadow of a batch of more glamorous suburbs, basking in its modest fame asthe birthplace of Australia’s luscious Granny Smith apple.

Like the

- President of the French Republic, Nicolas Sarkozy, will commemorate Tuesday, April 24, the 97th anniversary of the Armenian genocide in Paris. He will speak at 7:00 PM in front statue of Komitas, at Yerevan Garden. He will put deposit a sheaf of flowers in the name of France, accompanied by Repub...continua

Insieme al biglietto d'invito a Milano alle celebrazioni del 106° anniversario di AGBU (Armenian General Benevolent Union) inoltro un video che ci arriva dal Libano.
Giovani armeni ballano per i 106 anni dell'Unione una città (Beirut) rinata e splendente...
You can view the offi

Dear Italo-Armeni friends

I do hope all is well with you all. We certaily live in turbulant times. No matter, life continues despite the gigantic inhumanity trying to distort
humanity itself ...

I am pleased to tell you that I have just received an exceptional youtube link-- a

The Armenians of France, spearheaded the Armenian genocide, can not understand the decision of the Armenian parliament to stop a legitimate request.

With this iniquitous decision, the famous words of the philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy " solidarity of the castaways" loses all meani

The title is ‘Toastmaster’, in honor of the great toastmasters from the Caucasus countries
The American Armenian population will receive a special tribute in the first feature film directed by Spanish filmmaker Eric Boadella. Toastmaster is the story of Alek Nerguizian, who finds him

After Yerevan, Venice, Milan and Brussels (Tour& Taxis), the exhibition “Armeniaca, the pioneers of the study of Armenian architectural heritage” will be presented by AGBU Europe from March 26 to 30, 2012 at the European Parliament in Brussels.

This exhibition was jointly cr

This campaign is fiscally sponsored by San Francisco Film Society and all donations are tax deductible.
Toastmaster, a feature film where...

From: Muriel Mirak-Weissbach
Erdogan Persona Non Grata in Germany
By Muriel Mirak-Weissbach
It was supposed to be another celebration of Turkish-German relations, but it turned out to be an embarrassment for leading representatives of both nations. Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan had bee

Proiettato a Istanbul, Il film-documentario "il tatuaggio della nonna "di Suzanne Khardilian, ha commosso profondamente il pubblico turco ...
Il film è stato proiettato presso il Centro Culturale Francese nell'ambito del Festval Internazionale della Donne FILMOR manifestazione ..

Tony Simpson
The clean lines of the Parthenon, high up on the Acropolis, stand out clearly in the late winter sunshine. Down below, outside the Greek Parliament, a man pushes his supermarket shopping trolley down the hill towards Syntagma Square, where much of the public drama of Greece’s

A competition for young composers from Armenia is announced by the East West
Festival, which is organised and promoted by Association Xenia Ensemble (Turin Italy).
1) The competition is open to composers of Armenian Nationality up to and including
the age of 30.
2) The deadline f
...continua Prof. Khatchatur I. Pilikian Again and Again Turkey: Freedom of Expression Under Attacks Solidarity Meeting for Imprisoned Journalists, Human Rights Activists Academics, Publishers, Elected Kurdish Politicians 3rd February 2012

MARCH 18, 2012
Woodbury University
7500 Glenoaks Boulevard, Burbank, CA 91510

Application fee of $25 per Applicant
The AESA Science Olympiad is open to all Armenian heritage students throughout the U

programma di marzo 2012 sabato 3 h.20.30
Concerto in Casa Armena
domenica 11 h.17.00 Corso di cucina prenotarsi a Loussine Agopian e-mail :

martedì 6 h. 20.30 Cena + partita pren

Mr. Ohanyan, a respected jurist, was removed from office in 2007. He also represented former president Levon Ter Petrossian in his appeal to the Armenian Constitutional Court following the 2008 presidential election. This is an opportunity to hear about Armenia's judicial system from an insider. T...continua

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Today, the French Constitutional Council decides that the bill introduced by MP Valérie Boyer is rejected <br>

French President Nicolas Sarkozy, measuring the disappointment and sorrow of all who had welcomed with gratitude and hope the passage of this legislation designed to protect against denial which is not only an insult to the memory of the victims anddignity of their descendants, but also a threat a...continua

For centuries the Armenians have been the forerunners in spreading Christianity in the world and have been sanctified by different European nations. It is remarkable that, thanks to Leonardo da Vinci's travels to Arm

08:44 • 27.02.12
February 27 marks the tragic anniversary of the Armenian pogroms in the Azerbaijani town of Sumgait.

Twenty-two years ago on this day mobs made up largely of ethnic Azeris formed into groups that went on to attack and kill Armenians both on the streets and in thei
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