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06 10 25 - Mustafa Iscel, candidate for Austrian People's Party -Saturday, October 21, 2006
A Turkish-origin candidate for a seat in the Austrian parliament has been threatened since he denied the so-called Armenian genocide in a statement in a paper in Vienna.
Mustafa Iscel, candidate for Austrian People's Party (ÖVP) in the general elections held on Oct. 1, said that he had been threatened by Armenian lobbies in Austria and Germany after he told Austrian daily Die Presse that no Armenian genocide existed.
Iscel also printed a flyer that read "Vote for us if you do not want the Armenian bill passed” during the election campaign.
"People from both sides were killed in this historical event. Independent historians are needed to clarify the issue and politicians should not be involved in such issues," he told the newspaper.
Iscel went on to say that Armenians would threaten him till he resigned from his party, also pressuring the ÖVP to remove him from the list of candidates.
Late in September, three Turkish candidates were expelled from their parties in the Netherlands due to their refusal to accept the so-called Armenian genocide, ahead of general elections to be held on Nov. 22.
The Christian Democrat Appeal and Labor Party of the Netherlands removed three Turkish-origin politicians from their lists of candidates to run for a seat in the parliament after they refused to admit that Turks committed genocide against Armenians during the World War I.

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Austrian Turkish Candidate Stigmatizedor 'Genocide' Denial <BR>
By Cihan News Agency


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