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04 September 2011, Sunday / YONCA POYRAZ DOÐAN, ÝSTANBUL

The title deed for this orphanage on Büyükada Island was returned to the Greek Patriarcha

Armenia duduk player Jivan Gasparyan Junior has won a special award by the UNESCO at a music contest in Uzbekistan.

“In the middle of my performance, the jury said ‘it’s enough’ as it was clear for them the quality of my music,” Jivan Gasparyan, the grand

1. Formative Era and the Kingdom of Ararat

5000 BC Armenian language becomes a separate Indo-European language

2700 BC First mention of Haya in Akkadian inscriptions

2260 BC First mention of Armenia in Sumerian inscriptions

1300 BC Founding of Kingdom of Arara

Dear Colleague

The following article was published in the Independent on Sunday (Sunday, 24 July 2011) on the anniversary of the 1951 UN convention on Refugees which has saved 50 million from torture, death or war.
Safe havens in a hostile world – for 60 years
...continua /azerbaijan_ancient_manuscripts_vatican/24263710.html
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The Vatican Library
July 12, 2011
BAKU -- The Azerbaijani government has received copies of 60 rare medieval manuscripts from the Vatican's se

Focus invites you to Paris' 1979 night club
Let's imagine that it's1979, we are in Paris' first district. The evening ahead is shrouded in a cloak of mystery.
An enigmatic staircase leads guests underground into a vault-like area, full of secrets and spirit!
Lounge or dancefloor, cocktai

La squadra di scacchi dell'Armenia Campione del Mondo per la terza volta (dopo la splendida vittoria ai campionati mondiali di Torino nel 2006 e di Dresden nel 2008)!!!!
Auguri e onore ai nostri splendidi CAMPIONI!

Armenia Wins Another World Chess Title
Armenia - Armenian chess p

Special from Arthur Hagopian
Jerusalem of gold, Jerusalem of light.
The very name scorches the lips, "like the kiss of a seraph," its stones golden in the sun, the "flower of the cities of the world."
Ofra Haza sang of it as a solitary city with the
I just finished teaching teenage children that Armenians through out the world, past and present, had prominent roles. Now, I can add beauty queen to the other titles that include, national leaders

by Masis Mayilian
long-established understanding Russian
neither Stepanakert nor Yerevan
the last meeting in Sochi

Published: Monday June

The U.S. administration has also held talks with senior Turkish officials, mainly to foil the flotilla to Gaza due later this month.
By Barak Ravid

[HAARETZ]- Israeli and Turkish officials have been holding secret direct talks to try to solve the diplomatic crisis between the two count

and AESA
Jointly Sponsor a Presentation on
Landmine Clearance in Artsakh
Thursday July 7, 2011 at 7:30pm
The 1992-94 war between Armenians and Azerbaijan over Artsakh left hundreds of minefields and
battlefields littered with unexploded ordnance. Active hostilities ceased 17 year

Alla cortese attenzione dell'Associazione di amicizia italo armena,
Sperando di farvi cosa gradita, siamo ora ad invitarvi al Corso di Formazione sulla normativa in materia di immigrazione e discriminazione razziale che si
terrà i giorni 24 e 25 Giugno, nell'ambito del Ciclo di Seminari

Ararat-Eskijian Museum and National Association for Armenian Studies and Research


Armenians on the Titanic nd A Blood-Stained Bible from Urfa
An Illustrated Lecture by
Dr. Gregory Ketabgian

Armenians on the Titanic

News of a couple getting marri

Apt Arab Reply to Turkish Propaganda Presumption
Following the flight of Syrian refugees to Turkey recently, the Turkish daily "Sabah ",
published an article

On May 5, 2011, His Excellency Demetris Christofias, President of the Republic of Cyprus, inaugurated the AGBU Armenian Cultural Centre in Larnaca, which is a new home for Armenian culture, ethnology and art. The Centre will present and promote the history and culture of the Armenian nation in gener...continua

Yesterday, on June 15, during opening of photo exhibition " Art of Khachkars - " Armenian Cross Stones" to UNESCO, in presence of Armenian vice-minister of Culture and Armenian ambassador in France Viguen Tchitetchian, the guests discovered in stupor, that the quotations indicating t...continua

Maxime Verner, 21, son of a taxi driver and a French mother of Armenian descent (Florence Krekdjian), presented his candidacy for the presidential election in 2012.

His project is presented in a book published on Thursday: " Youth of all ages meet us! 89 proposals for 2012 "

The Glendale Public Library and NAASR
Present a Panel Discussion
Prof. Richard G. Hovannisian
AEF Chair in Modern Armenian History,
University of California, Los Angeles
Prof. Taner Akçam
Kaloosdian/Mugar Chair in Modern Armenian History and Armenian Geno

Bringing Armenian History and Culture to Young Readers
A Lecture by Dr. Susan Pattie
Author and Anthropologist Director, Armenian Institute, London, UK Senior Research Fellow, University College London
Who Are the Armenians? is a guide for both children and adults to learn about the Arme

31/05/2011 21:04
She is not that French actually
14.04.2011 23:51
ANKARA – Hürriyet Daily News
The European parliamentarian the Turkish prime minister accused of being “foreign” to Turkey is actually of Armenian-Turkish origin and her

April 30, 2011 | 16:16
YEREVAN. – Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan received on Friday participants of Armenian business summit started in Yerevan on Friday.

The summit brought together representatives of Armenian trade chambers and business unions.

President stressed th

It is because of my admiration for Turkey that I find it difficult to understand its insensitive position on the Armenian issue. After all, it was not this generation that spilled the blood 100 years ago.
By Yossi Sarid
I have achieved a great succ

Iranian Armenians, the Weight of a Minority Among a Nation by Sirus Ali Nejad, BBC Persian
Living four hundred years in Iran, that gave the Armenians their Iranian identity, and since accepting all that is good is in their nature, they took in as much as they could from Iranian culture and the

Friends of Hrant Dink
Project SAVE Armenian Photograph Archives Armenian Library and Museum of America and NAASR

Present an Illustrated Talk by Osman Köker
"Images of Armenians in Turkey 100 Years Ago"
In 2005, Osman Köker first came to international

Armenian Library and Museum of America
Present an Illustrated Talk by
Dr. Armen Der Kiureghian
"The Life and Art of Sumbat"

Sumbat Der Kiureghian (1913-1999) is the most celebrated Iranian watercolorist
of the 20th century. A descendant of 17th ce


Author and anthropologist Dr. Susan Pattie, Director of the Armenian Institute in London and Senior Research Fellow, University College London, will give a lecture entitled "Who Are the Armenians? Bring


Author and anthropologist Dr. Susan Pattie, Director of the Armenian Institute in London and Senior Research Fellow, University College London, will give a lecture entitled "Who Are the Armenians? Bring

– May 20, 2011California Courier
By Harut Sassounian
It is unfortunate that the noble and sacred concept of establishing an Armenian Genocide Museum and Memorial (AGM&M) in Washington, D.C. had to end up in court. But contrary to popular belief, the issue was not simply a feud betw

On May 18, at a meeting of the Knesset Commission on Education and Culture, deputy of extreme left, Zaava Galon (Meretz party) submitted a resolution to the Parliament for a vote on the subject of the recognition of Armenian genocide. The proposal was adopted has unanimity and particularly by Likou...continua
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