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Brussels, Honorable Michele Emiliano, Mayor of Bari,
29 Jan 2013 Mayor of Bari,
On behalf of the European Citizens of Armenian origin, we would like to congratulate and thank You for the ıdecision of the City of Bari,regarding the placement of an Armenian Cross Stone on the 11th of January 2013.
Furthermore we were delighted to learn that the same day; the City Council of Bari discussed on its agenda the ıadoption of a resolution recognizing the Armenian Genocide of 1915, committed by Turkey.

Regarding the above resolution, we were informed by the newspapers,about a letter sent to you by the ıAmbassador of Turkey in Italy, Mr.ıHakin Akil, where he mentions that the case of the Genocide is a matter to be left to historians, and to ıresearch, and furthermore, he hreatens that a probable recognition of the Armenian Genocide by the City of Bari, would harm the relations between Italy and Turkey.ı
The arrogance of representatives of Turkey is amazing, in attempting to interfere in the internal affairs of a ıovereign great nation. Such actions should be condemned. The threat of worsening the relations between the two countries, is a threat being repeated by Turkey every time that a country, a provincial or a city ouncil ırecognizes the Armenian Genocide, but of course, it is never realized, it just remains a threat and the relations ıremain at the same level as previously.Honorable Mayor, The Italian Parliament in 2000, the Holy State of ıVatican several times, many cities in Italy and most recently in 2012, the cities of Torino, Rieti and Scafati, ırecognized the Armenian Genocide. Around the world, the European Parliament, the Council of Europe, ıMercosur, 22 countries, 43 states of the U.S.A., more than one thousand provincial and city councils, as well as ıthe `International Association of Genocide Scholars' and the ermanent Peoples' Tribunal', among many other ıinstitutions and organizations haverecognized the Armenian Genocide.
We Armenians are grateful to the people of Bari, who gave shelter to many Armenians reaching the shores of ıthe city, surviving the Genocide, during the years 1915-1916, and now we are proud to have an
active and devoted community in your city. We are confident, that the council of the City of Bari, will
recognize the Armenian Genocide of 1915.Expressing the sentiments of our compatriots in Europe, and of the Board of the European Armenian Federation for Justice and Democracy, I would like to convey to you, our willingness to support and cooperate with you and the Council of the City, in every aspect, to deepen the ırelations between our two peoples. Sincerely yours, Kaspar Karampetian (signed) President, European Armenian Federation For Justice and Democracy -

V. V.

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