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Forum for Environmental Issues in Armenia - Sun Apr 21‎ For centuries,
Forum for Environmental Issues in Armenia - Sun Apr 21‎
For centuries, the Armenian nation has persevered through countless hardships. The latest danger ‎confronting our compatriots in the homeland comes in the form of deforestation and mining. The land’s ‎threatened state requires immediate attention from members and friends of the Diaspora.‎

Currently, there are over 400 mines operating in Armenia! Most of them are open pit mines that destroy ‎forests, pollute rivers, and cause considerable environmental damage. The latest project is a massive ‎mining operation in the village of Teghut, located in the pristine forests of northwestern Armenia. Please ‎see the accompanying fact sheet for more details about Teghut or go to‎

The LA-based Teghut Fund Task Force was formed in the months after a public forum was held on ‎December 16, 2012. It featured renowned environmental activist Yeghia Nersesian. Many people were ‎inspired to do something about this problem. The task force was created to help protect our homeland's ‎environment and our people's right to safe and healthy living conditions.‎

You can play an important role in the improvement of Armenia’s environmental conditions, starting NOW. ‎We invite you to a public forum on Sunday, April 21st to learn more about the issue, its impact, and how ‎you can get involved. Please view the attached flyer for the event.‎
Date: April 21, 2013‎
Time: 11 a.m. – 3 p.m.‎
Location: Armenian Society of Los Angeles, 117 S. Louise St. Glendale, CA 91205‎
‎- Background on the Teghut Environmental Crisis
‎- Introduction to Teghut Fund
‎- Idea generation / brainstorming session by teams ‎
‎- Idea prioritization session by teams
‎- Presentation of three prioritized ideas/action projects by each team ‎
‎- Final de-duplication and selection of projects to pursue
‎- Formation of teams to plan and implement the selected project
We appreciate your time and look forward to meeting you on April 21st.‎
Kin d Regards, ‎
‎ Teghut Fund Task Force
Los Angeles, CA


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