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6 Marzo 2013 - Honorable Mr.Michele Emiliano, Mayor of Bari- Lettore di Alik Tert di Tehran;
Honorable Mr.Michele Emiliano,
Mayor of Bari

Dear Mr. Emiliano,
The Armenians scattered all over the world feel obliged and are indebted to you for the stance taken to recognize and condemn the Armenian Genocide of 1915. The horrific crimes planned to wipe out a whole nation by the Ottoman Turks are but a disgrace to human race and the recognition of it a courageous gesture for both misanthropes and lovers of humanity.

Your decision, Mr. Mayor, is an honorable service not only to Armenians but to all human races, and we, the Armenians of Iran, extend our thanks ans appreciations for such a heroic decision.

Your Sincerely,
Lizabeth M. Vartanian
March 06,2013‎‎49‎


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