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2 Marzo2013 -. France: Provocation Azerbaijani at French Parliament
Paris-On February 26, during a meeting organized by ARF Dashnaktsutyun at the French parliament in memory of the victims of Sumgait, a fight broke out at the end of the meeting between Azerbaijani and French-Armenians.

According to witnesses, two people have refused to stand and observe a minute of silence in memory of the Armenians¬ dead in Sumgait. So one of these people would have screamed "I put myself up for the dead of Khojaly". Some Armenians would then rushed to the couple. Punches were exchanged. The police intervened and blocked the room, taking the identities of the public. At this time the ambassador of Azerbaijan, together with diplomats, was immediately stepped up on to condemn the event. This act was premeditated necessarily because Azeri television channels were also present on the premises.

"It is unacceptable provocation before two days we organize a demonstration in front of the Azerbaijan embassy. We will complain Mourad Papazian, co-chairman of CCAF, to concluded."

Jean Eckian / Paris

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