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In a press release, the Embassy of Armenia in France has published the following text.‎
‎"Profoundly respecting the freedom of people to express their opinions, to enforce its ‎principles and to enforce, the Embassy of the Republic of Armenia in Paris:‎
considers that no individual or group of individuals has the right to speak on behalf of ‎all of the "Armenian community in France" as a sign of respect for the freedom of opinion ‎of hundreds of thousands of French Armenian descent;‎
supports and encourages the citizens of the Republic of Armenia living in France in ‎their faithfulness to universal values of tolerance, dialogue and mutual respect

Presidential Elections "Armenian Renaissance" movement ‎protests in Paris

On March 8, fifty protesters gathered outside Armenia Embassy in Paris to denounce fraud ‎during the presidential elections in Armenia. Among the demonstrators were half ‎Armenians emigrated. This action was initiated by the movement "Armenian ‎Renaissance", which supports the Heritage party leader Raffi Hovannisian.

The informal group called "Armenian Renaissance " support the Armenian people which ‎now rises, and demand accountability.'‎

‎"In the Diaspora, we are closely following the developments underway in Armenia, and we ‎urge the power to refrain any use of force and / or any act of provocation against of ‎citizens who have been occurred since the announcement of the election February 18. , ‎‎"Says a press release.‎

Jean Eckian / Paris
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