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06 02 13 - Erebouni Hospital (Erevan).
Paris / France Febuary 13, 2006

A French national, representative of an NGO, kept in Armenia. Mr Jean CLERGUE, ambassador of Sint-Lazar LHOSPITALIER foundation (Jerusalem) is the unhappy witness of gangster behaviors. In April 2005,
Sint-Lazar LHOSPITALIER sending a contener for 600 000 USD of medical and data-processing material. Destination, Erebouni Hospital (Erevan).
This material remains in retention, abandoned, on a terminal of airport (Erevan) until mid-November 2005, after a physical intervention of Mr Jean CLERGUE, invited by the Armenian government.
This day, the director of Erebouni hospital , Mr KOUCHKIAN, refuses the medical materiel proposed by french NGO , and also refuses to Mr.
CLERGUE the compensations caused by six weeks for administrative steps. Lastly, her agrees to pour 2800 USD, but this money is not his pocket, it is the money of a collaborator (chief doctor), not person
in charge for these bad functionings. These facts had as a theatre, the Ministry for Health in front of four witnesses (jan 27, 2006).
January 3, the visa of Jean CLERGUE, offered by Armenia, expired.
February 10, one asks him for 300 USD for an allowing plug left the territory. He refuses to pay. Its confiscated passport, Jean CLERGUE is threatened of expulsion. Today he is a NGO hostage in Armenia.



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