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06 02 12 - Erdogan :'Soon they will Even Interfere in Household Affairs'
NATIONAL 02.12.2006 Sunday - ISTANBUL 20:45
'Soon they will Even Interfere in Household Affairs'
Published: Sunday, February 12, 2006
The Council of State issued a decree banning a teacher from becoming a school administrator because she wears her head scarf during her commute to and from school, provoking angry reaction from Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul.
“As the prime minister of a country that sides with liberties, I reprove the Council of State for the decree,” said Mr. Erdogan, because no one has the right to tell a woman to take her headscarf off while away from work.
Mr. Erdogan asserted that with this approach next they will interfere in household affairs: “We are trying to be patient towards tempers as well as tension within the country, because it only works to the benefit of some nasty people.”
Mr. Gul also asserted the Council of State’s decree was wrong and dangerous.
Such decrees are a sheer result of the mentality that sticks to the negative sides of liberties, said Mr. Gul, adding that such verdicts might lead to the issue of even worse rulings when a teacher is accused of setting a corrupt example to the students only because he or she fasts: “Although such abysmal verdicts become issued without the least care for what will happen afterwards, the government assures that the country is progressively getting a higher level of awareness of liberties, democracy and civil rights.”
Men wear headscarf
There is growing nationwide reaction to the State Council officials for ruling out a decree that prevented Aytac Kilic from being appointed as the school administrator because she wears her headscarf when she is away from work. A group of 300 gathered outside the post office of Fatih, Istanbul and a number of people in the Abdi Ipekci Park in Ankara to protest against the State Council administration. A group of men wearing headscarves held a press conference to satirize the ruling in question in Bursa. “The State Council made the worst mistake in issuing a decree of that kind that dictates how people should live out in the streets,” the press statement read.

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