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24 12 2007 - Sadly for so-called "nationalist" Turks,
Jabarian's column -- Sadly for so-called "nationalist" Turks ...; 2) Sassounian's commentary -- Turks Could Gain More Than Armenians ...
1) Sadly for so-called "nationalist" Turks,
Armenians are not going away
2) Turks Could Gain More Than Armenians
By Acknowledging the Genocide
Sadly for so-called "nationalist" Turks,
Armenians are not going away

In 2015, Armenians worldwide will commemorate the 100th anniversary for the Armenian genocide. No body knows for sure if by then the Armenians will have begun healing their national wounds with the help of the descendants of the Turkish perpetrators.

Is there any indication that present-day Turkey that inherited the loot of the Armenian Genocide (lands and personal and real properties) in Western Armenia and Cilicia; and of the Greek Genocide in Pontus and Smyrna, will courageously step up to the plate and make amends to the victims and their descendants?

In complete disregard of the evolvement of Turkey’s political will, Harut Sassounian, the Publisher of the California Courier, launched three consecutive articles, titled "Armenians Demand Justice, Not Recognition," "Those Who Want Reconciliation Versus Those Who Seek Justice," and "Turks Could Gain More Than Armenians By Acknowledging the Genocide." One after the other, the articles appeared in an unprecedented number of media.

The articles, highlighting the shifting of the Armenian quest for justice into high gear and the Armenian activists’ moving closer to real demands for land and property return, created a widespread interest in Turkey and its media.

The Turkish media was divided into two distinct groups. One properly characterized Sassounian as "One of the leading personalities of the Armenian community in the US" (The New Anatolian/Ankara - 14 December 2007; and Hürriyet, Turkey - Dec 14 2007). The second group mischaracterized him by labeling him "a radical leader of the Armenian community in the USA" (Yeni Safak - Dec. 14, 2007).

As readers may notice, despite the surge in the number of clear-headed righteous Turks who courageously recognize the fairness of Armenians’ demand for Justice, there are still several Turks who are obstinately entrenched in Turkey’s long-failed denial policy. They continue to resort to all sorts of mudslinging against the victims and their descendants. One mudslinging tactic is to call the justice-demanding Armenians, "extremists," or "radical" and to call their land-usurping Turkish compatriots, "nationalists."

Could they explain - without resorting to lies – how present-day Turkish occupiers of Western Armenia, the descendants of the invading Seljuks, coming from the Steppes of Central Asia, be called "nationalists?" And how can the forcibly dispersed descendants of the Western Armenian victims, demanding the return of their ancestral lands, be labeled "extremists?" No self-respecting journalist would allow his integrity and that of his profession be corrupted.

The Turkish leaders in Ankara, have the unique opportunity to settle the burning issues of 1) the Turkish-occupied Western Armenia; 2) and the hundreds of thousands of confiscated real and personal properties of the Armenians, Greeks, Assyrians, Arabs and others while Turkey is in a somewhat healthy bargaining position. The current international political climate that is not in Turkey’s favor might deteriorate in the near future. Common sense requires that today’s Turkish leaders confront their ancestors’ dark past and make amends to the victims and not pass on to the next generation the 92 year-old grave political problem.

Back in 1908, who could have predicted that with the initial blasts of guns in August of 1914, the First World War would erupt, and consequently, the Ottoman Empire would crumble and disintegrate? 2015 is around the corner. Who knows what might happen by then?

Some Turks believe that with the lapse of time, Armenian demands will erode because "the coming generations will assimilate into oblivion along with their Cause." But sadly for these so-called "nationalist" Turks, Armenians are not going away. The opposite is taking place. The new generations are becoming more active in their quest for justice by bringing renewed stamina and know-how to their efforts. For one thing, they know that history and their people’s millennia-old existence are on their side. Despite the onslaught of several invading empires, Armenia lived on and witnessed their disappearance.

So, instead of submitting to a possible new unorganized and runaway dismemberment process, Ankara can wisely take the initiative for an organized reduction-in-size and preserve what is salvageable for an atoned Turkey. Europe, to which Turkey is striving to join, hopes so. Recently, European Parliament President Hans-Gert Pöttering said: "I am hopeful the day will come and Turkey will come to recognize the Armenian Genocide. … Turkey should acknowledge the atrocities committed against the Armenian people."


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