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14 11 2007 - All Armenians to Brussels on December 14
"Stop to this Genocidary Turkey in Europe"

In front of the decline values morals displayed by various international institutions, the blackmail, the arrogance and persevered denial of the Armenian Genocide by Turkish authorities, Armenian Comittee of France (CDCA-ANCA) with the support of Coordination Council of Armenian Organizations of France (CCAF) call
all the Armenians of Europe and in the world to come, December 14 in Brussels, to make hear their voice and to express their opposition to the entry of this Turkey in the European Union.

« There will be many of us and we will be vigilant. We will not let Turkey carry out the play, », Mourad Papazian, chairman of the ARF Dashnaksutyun Western Bureau said.

He adds,"Europeans must force Turkey to respect truly Copenhagen's criteria. And, we consider that the recognition of the Armenian Genocide forms share of the criteria of Copenhagen."

December 14, 2007, the 27 Heads of State and governments of Europe will meet in Brussels to still study the Turkey's candidacy .

Jean Eckian / Paris
Independent correspondent

Jean Eckian

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