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06 12 2007 - Dikran Abrahamian comunication. 6 December, 2007
Dear Friend,
* For many years Harut Sassounian has been in the forefront advocating for Armenian causes. Whether people agree with him or not his ideas have travelled far and wide and are frequently the centre of discussions. The article Armenians Demand Justice, Not Recognition is a clear and concise platform for action. While a handful of survivors of the Genocide are still alive, and the Diaspora communities are still empowered, there is an urgency to bring the demands to International bodies and courts.

* Armen Ayvazyan in his article entitled The Fundamentals of Armenian Identity or who is an Armenian, in addition to exploring issues of identity, argues that “Without Armenia, the Armenian Spyurk (Diaspora) cannot represent a nation.” Armenia faces threats from its neighbours and is not prepared to fulfill strategic tasks related to its security. Its existence is at stake. All our efforts should be geared towards strengthening Armenia economically, militarily and in the area of Democracy. This, the author concludes is the paramount concern.

* is a believer in diversity because nature abhors uniformity. In that sense it considers itself as a forum of free speech, a free stage if you wish, and welcomes people who espouse views which may not necessarily reflect what is acceptable or trendy. In that vein Avedis Kevorkian’s fourth contribution False to True Friends; True to False Friends is presented in this issue.

* A newcomer is Alain. He is an entrepreneur living in New York. He is ardently devoted to Armenians and Armenian causes. His Film commentary on “The Lark Farm” By Paolo and Vittorio Taviani and his reflections upon watching the movie is his debut in

*A pleasant surprise is Prof. José Sarukhán’s article Interests, Not Principles (in Spanish) which he forwarded to share with’s readers in South America and Spain. It can automatically be translated into English by using Google’s translating device. It originally appeared in Universal which is the most widely circulated national newspaper in Mexico. It is related to the HR106 and the Genocide of the Armenians. Prof. Sarukhán’s CV is very extensive. Suffice to say that he received his PhD from University of Wales (1972), and currently he is a member of the Mexican Academy of Sciences, the Latin American Academy of Sciences, the California Academy of Sciences, the U.S. National Academy of Sciences and The Royal Society, London. He travels extensively giving lectures to the scientific community.

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Dikran Abrahamian BA, MD

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Dikran Abrahamian

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