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Our Condolences to Ohan Duryan's Family
Composer and conductor Ohan Duryan passed away last night, at the age of 88, in Yerevan .The editorial board of expresses its deepest sympathies to his wife Mrs. Alice Duryan, his nephew Emeritus Professor Haig Khatchadourian of Wisconsin and Mr. Duryan's relatives, friends and fans in Armenia and in the Diaspora. Born in Jerusalem in 1922, Mr. Duryan received his early musical education in Palestine. Following his emigration to Soviet Armenia, he gained fame as conductor and composer. In addition to Armenia, he conducted orchestras in several European countries, including Germany.
6 January 2011

Hovhannes Khatcharourian
Submitted by Vahe on Thu, 2011-01-06 23:11.
As a point of interest about Ohan Duryan, I would like to relate to the readers an excerpt from Antranig Zaroukian’s book, "Old Dreams, New Roads" (Heen Yerazner, Nor Janpaner) published in 1960. The book is a recommended reading of bygone days of Armenia and Diaspora.
Zaroukian noted that he had met the Palestine-born and -raised promising musician named Hovhannes Khatchardourian for the very first time either in Beirut, Aleppo or Paris. He said that he was so impressed by the aspiring and talented musician that he titled an article about him in "Nairi"--the literary periodical he edited--as "Khatchadourian No.2".
Zaroukian then noted that Hovhannes Khatchadourian was enraged at the title which likened him to Khatchardourian; he vowed he would not want to be a second even to Khatchadourian and that he either became the first or nothing at all.
To distance himself from Khatchadourian, he had "Khatch" removed from his name and became Durian or Duryan, and later came forth as Ohan.
Zaroukian also noted that Catholicos of All Armenian Vazken I took notice of the promising young musician in Paris during a pontifical visit. The Catholicos invited him to Armenia, helped him settle there and become a citizen.
Zaroukian then described Duryan’s first conducting of the Armenian National Opera and Ballet Theater, named after Alexander Spendiaryan. The theater was considered second only to Moscow’s in the Soviet Union, wrote Zaroukian.
The rest is history whose demise Keghart notes. May he rest in peace.
Hovhannes Khatcharourian TRADUZIONE on line
Inserito da Vahe il Gio, 2011/01/06 23:11.
Come un punto di interesse su Ohan Duryan, vorrei mettere in relazione ai lettori un estratto dal libro Antranig Zaroukian, la "Old Dreams, nuove strade" (Heen Yerazner, né Janpaner) pubblicato nel 1960. Il libro è una lettura consigliata di altri tempi di Armenia e diaspora.
Zaroukian notato che aveva incontrato la Palestina, nato e cresciuto-musicista promettente nome Hovhannes Khatchardourian per la prima volta sia a Beirut, Aleppo o Parigi. Ha detto che era talmente colpito dal talento e aspirante musicista, che ha intitolato un articolo su di lui in "Nairi" - il periodico letterario ha curato - come "No.2 Khatchadourian".
Zaroukian poi osservato che Hovhannes Khatchadourian era furioso per il titolo che lo ha paragonato a Khatchardourian, egli giurò che non avrebbe voluto essere un secondo anche a Khatchadourian e che lui sia diventato il primo o niente del tutto.
Prendere le distanze da Khatchadourian, aveva "Khatch" rimosso dal suo nome e divenne Durian o Duryan, e poi è venuto fuori come Ohan.
Zaroukian ha anche osservato che Catholicos di tutti gli armeni Vazken preso nota del musicista giovane e promettente a Parigi durante una visita pontificia. Il Catholicos lo invitò a Armenia, lo ha aiutato a stabilirsi lì e diventare un cittadino.
Zaroukian poi descritto lo svolgimento del primo Duryan armena National Opera and Ballet Theater, dal nome di Alexander Spendiaryan. Il teatro è stato considerato secondo solo a Mosca in Unione Sovietica, ha scritto Zaroukian.
Il resto è storia nota Keghart cui scomparsa. Riposi in pace.


Tigran Abrhamian

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