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This is the end of a tough year
This is the end of a tough year – not because there were earth-shaking, earth- moving, future-making events, but because there weren’t. In Armenia, it was a year of standing in place, at best, in so many ways.

And so when it came time to put together our annual report, we were faced wit questions – more questions than answers. You can read some of them in the Preface to ARMENIA IN 2010 – A YEAR OF UNCERTAINTY. The entire report will be online Tuesday, December 28, the same day when we present it to the public, here in Yerevan. You who receive these periodic letters will have access to the entire report as well as the striking visual representation of Armenia’s budget.

The report is, as in years past, in three parts. There is an analysis of the situation in the neighborhood around us, “A Region in Stalemate” we’ve called it. That’s followed by a look at our domestic situation – “Unsteady Stability.” Finally, the economic situation can best be described as “The Crisis After the Crisis.” Each section includes an Outlook on things to come, as well as suggested Policy Options. Tell us what you think about our suggestions, add your own, this is certainly the year for public discussion and debate. The Civilitas Foundation invites you to participate in the presentation of

Armenia in 2010: A Year of Uncertainty
on Tuesday, December 28, at 3:00 pm, at the Yerevan Golden Tulip Hotel
Rossini Room.
A discussion on the main domestic, regional and economic issues of 2010 will feature

Lilit Galstyan
Armenian Revolutionary Federation

Vardan Bostanjyan
Prosperous Armenia Party

Artak Davtyan
Republican Party

Stepan Safaryan
Heritage Party

The talk will be moderated by
Tatul Hakobyan.

Space is limited. Please call 500 119 to confirm your participation and join us for a glass of wine for the coming holidays.

We will embark on such discussion in Yerevan on Tuesday with the public forum, with guests from four of the Parliament's five parties. You can view the discussion, in Armenian, live, or later, online. Heading into our 20th year, it's time for a general public debate. Let's start it now.

This year, with the report, there is again the budget poster which presents more than expected budget expenditures. On this large 40 by 58 cm (16 x 23 inches) poster, you’ll also see a comparison with last year’s figures, as well as a simple breakdown of Armenia’s macroeconomic indicators – GDP, debt, exports, imports, etc. It’s a fascinating lesson in civics and we’re proud that this tool is useful for organizations and schools.

It’s been a productive year for Civilitas. We created a new to strengthen the NGO sector, supported the transformation of libraries, helped farmers become self- sufficient, fostered public debate, interacted partners in Turkey and Georgia, spoke to dozens of officials and experts from around the world, and engaged in various other activities to strengthen our society and our country.

There will be plenty more of that next year. Look for a more detailed explanation of our projects and plans in the weeks to come. And also know that we will be seeking your support.

Until then, please accept our best wishes for a happy, healthy, productive and peaceful new year. We all need it.

The Civilitas Foundation
One Northern Avenue, Suite 30,
Yerevan, Armenia

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