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Nicolas Sarkozy prevented the law against Armenian genocide denial
Paris, 12/30/2010

Revealed by WikiLeaks, the Armenian community of France learned with stupor, that in May 2007, French president Nicolas Sarkozy, had ensured Turkey that the law against the negationnism would be stopped in the Senate.

One month and a few days before, whereas he is candidate for presidential election, Nicolas Sarkozy wrote to the chairman of CCAF, Alexis Govciyan, for April 24 commemorations: “I share your will fully that France is opposed to the negationnism of State, with a propaganda which you ravaged, an unworthy propaganda. And France must not only condemn the negationnism by the law, but never not accept any propaganda of State. ”

The CCAF published an official statement deploring this situation felt like an offence by the whole of the French of Armenian origin, and requires solemnly that the law criminalizing the negationnism voted by National Assembly on October 12, 2006 be presented promptly to the Senate.
In a "Viewpoint" published in Le Monde (12/28/10), Editor of Monthly Magazine Les Nouvelles d'Arménie, Ara Toranian, as writing an article entitled "Paris cowardly Armenians"

Jean Eckian / Paris

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