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Information warfare 'to end' with resolution of Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict
Wed 22 December 2010
'Azerbaijan has a few priority tasks', said presidential official Elnur Aslanov.

On December 21 Chief of the Political Analysis and Information Department for the Presidential Administration of Azerbaijan Elnur Aslanov met with future doctors of sciences as well as Azerbaijani students who received this degree at foreign universities.

During the meeting, the representative of the Presidential Administration informed the meeting participants about the recent visit of representatives of state structures of Azerbaijan to Europe, which included meetings with the Azerbaijani youth receiving education abroad.

According to Elnur Aslanov, Azerbaijan has a few priority tasks.

'The first challenge is the revitalization of the Diaspora. What do we mean by it? As you know, today we are in a state of the information warfare with Armenia, and you - the people involved in scientific activities, as no one else realize that the main weapon here is the intelligence and knowledge. Therefore, during our visits we discussed the topic of assistance Azerbaijani students studying abroad can render in this issue. After all, today, in these realities, promoting a positive, truthful information about Azerbaijan is of exceptional value for all of us.

Our students in France have caused a sense of pride in our delegation, as the main problem they see is the promotion of Azerbaijan and resisting the actions of the Armenian Diaspora, directed against Azerbaijan. However, sometimes due to lack of resources they cannot fully implement all their plans. We discussed the next level we can raise the country. Thus, the priority task we face us is intensification of an active foreign policy, declared by President Ilham Aliyev. In recent years, months, the policy of Azerbaijan in the information warfare with Armenia yielded positive results', he said.

According to chief of the Department of Political Analysis and Information t of the Presidential Administration of Azerbaijan, the information warfare can not last forever.

'Sooner or later, when the conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia is be resolved, the information warfare will also come to an end. It is important not to pass the limit. Though, unfortunately, sometimes, some persons, especially from the Armenian side, behave like this', he said.

Aslanov said that despite all, there is the need to pay particular attention to potential of students studying abroad in the context of the propaganda of Azerbaijan.

'Representatives of government agencies, diplomatic corps sometimes find it difficult to conduct propaganda of Azerbaijan. So for us it is essential that you helped us in presenting Azerbaijan, its interests abroad, taking relevant activities, bringing the truth about the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh to the world attention'.

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