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Italian Post Service - celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Hrant Nazarianzís
From shadows of the Exile into the light of the Spirit Hrant Nazariantz and the Armenians in Puglia... On January 25, 2012, under the sponsorship of the Republic of Armenia, the city of Casamassima (Province of Bari, Puglia Region of Italy) is celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Hrant Nazarianzís Death- The Armenian Poet of Puglia- with a series of special events, activities and conferences at Casamassima City Hall and Hrant Nazariantaz Study Center in Bari. For this event the Italian Post Service has designed and produced a special postage cancellation stamp which would be available on commemorative issue postcards from 4pm to 8pm at the temporary stamp office located at the Casamassima City Hall on January 25, 2012

A. Melikian

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