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Armenian genocide: New blackmail of Turkey to France
Dec.16 2011
Paris- During last weeks, Ankara has warned France against the bill which will be discussed next Thursday, dec.22, in National Assembly and which proposes to sanction of a custodial sentence and a fine denial of the Armenian genocide, that Ankara refuses to recognize.

On Thursday, Turkish Minister of Foreign affairs, Ahmet Davutoglu, stigmatized and branded the medieval mindset" of France. The Turkish embassy has warned that a favorable vote would be .irreprable consequences .. A delegation of Turkish parliamentarians will meet on Monday in Paris with Axel Poniatowski, president of the UMP Foreign Affairs Committee of AN, and probably with Alain Juppé. CCAF in an official statement, writing " We invite the leaders of the Turkish State to keep their calm, to remain in their place and to cease their unbearable interferences in the internal policy of the Republic and on its representative authorities ."

Jean Eckian

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