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06 07 11 - The Turkish negotiator with the EC
Jean Eckian

The abandonment of the negotiations of membership of Turkey to the EU would have "inconceivable" consequences, according to Ankara

ISTANBUL ( AP) - The Turkish negotiator with the EC, Ali Babacan, prevented(warned) on Tuesday that a possible abandonment by Twenty five of the negotiations of membership(support) to the European Union would have "inconceivable" consequences in the whole of the Moslem world.
The European Union looked in Ankara till the end of the year to open its ports(bearings) and airports to ships and Cyprian planes. " If (the negotiations of membership fail, few persons will impute the fault in
Cyprus ", observed Ali Babacan, who is also a Minister of the Economy. On the other hand, according to him, this failure(defeat) will send the
message that " the East and the West do not mix ".
" The consequences could be inconceivable ", he threw (launched).
The Turkish negotiator explained that after the attacks(attempts) of September 11th, 2001 in the United States, he had become evident that the region had to change. He(it) quoted Turkey in example, clarifying that it was about a " country with Moslem majority which crosses a fundamental democratic process " to adhere to the EU.

But the negotiations could be abandoned, prevents(warns) the European Union, if Turkey does not settle(adjust) its disputes with Cyprus. The island is divided between the Greek South, already integrated into the EC, and the Turkish North since 1974 and its invasion by the Turkish troops.

Turkey signed last summer a protocol aiming at to spread his customs union in Cyprus and to nine other new entrants of 2004. But she refuses to apply the agreement as long as will not be raised the international embargo against the Turkish entity. AP


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