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-- Parliamentarians from major political parties demand Armenian Genocide recognition be included in the negotiations roadmap. --

Brussels, Belgium - On Wednesday, July 12th, the European Parliament's Committee for Foreign Affairs will vote on a draft resolution on "Turkey's progress toward accession," but not until it considers some 343 amendments submitted to the report prepared by Mr Camiel Eurlings (Conservative, the Netherlands), reported the European Armenian Federation for Justice and Democracy (EAFJD).

While Mr. Eurlings' report made only vague references to Armenian concerns, the amendments tackle key conserves comprehensively. Many parliamentarians from the main political parties -- including the Conservative, Socialist, Liberal, and Communist -- unanimously call on Turkey to "withdraw without condition the blockade of Armenia" and to acknowledge the Armenian Genocide as "a prerequisite to accession".

Further, many amendments urge the European Commission and Council to include the Armenian Genocide as a perquisite in the Revised Accession Partnership -- the roadmap of the negotiation process.

"We hail the initiative of these Members of the European Parliament whose amendments are going to embed these important issues within the current negotiation process," stated Hilda Tchoboian, the chairperson of the European Armenian Federation. "We invite their colleagues from the Foreign Affairs committee to follow this path in adopting these amendments."

Overall, the Eurlings report cites Turkey's numerous breaches of international law, including the invasion and subsequent occupation of Cyprus, the Kurdish issue, as well as, the crackdown on minority rights and freedom of speech. The report underlines the total absence of progress in 2006. It also points out that the negotiation process will not automatically lead to accession, particularly if Turkey refuses to ratify the Ankara protocol which extends the customs union to all member states, including Cyprus. Finally, it rebukes the Council, which -according to the report - harmed the credibility of the negotiations by refusing the Austrian presidency's proposal to consider political criteria throughout the process.

"Twenty years ago, the European Parliament adopted a resolution on 'a political solution to the Armenian question' the findings of which were considered 'insurmountable obstacles' to Turkey's accession. Twenty years later, none of these issues has been resolved. Given these circumstances, the continuation of the negotiations, without dealing with the root concerns, is a political anomaly which must stop," ented Hilda Tchoboian.

"We urge the executive bodies of the European Union to regain their
credibility on these critical issues, by listening to public opinion and advancing strong, non-negotiable demands with regard to Turkey, most notably the acknowledgment of the Armenian Genocide. Otherwise, each step forward in the accession process of this denialist State will mean a retreat for Europe, until its fundamental values completely vanish," concluded the chairperson of the European Armenian Federation.

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