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06 09 18- Recognition of Armenian Genocide in Hague Tribunal ?
Jean Eckian -

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World Armenian Congress to seek recognition of Armenian Genocide in Hague Tribunal
Armenian President Robert Kocharyan is informed about intention of the expert commission of the World Armenian Congress (WAC) to appeal to the International Criminal Tribunal on recognition of the Armenian
Genocide. As WAC and Russia's Armenians Union President Ara Abramyan has told at a news conference in Yerevan on September 16, decision of 15 international legal experts concerning the Armenian Genocide was submitted to Armenia's foreign ministry in early May 2006. "We informed the foreign minister on our intention to turn to the international court grounding on our research," Ara Abramyan says.
According to him, for the first time in the history of studying the issue of the Armenian Genocide three legal codes have been elaborated.
The work continued 2.5 years; 25 experts from 20 countries and 15 international legal experts participated in it. They used archival documents from various countries, including Russia.
Under an initiative of Russia's Armenians Union, in 2002 the Armenian Institute of International Law and Political Studies was established in Moscow. Under an initiative of the institute, in May 2004 a
scientific conference was held in Yerevan called "Factor of the genocide in settling the Armenian-Turkish relations." Prominent experts from Armenia, Russia, the USA, Israel, Germany and Austria took part in it. On the results of the conference, an expert commission of WAC on the issue of the Armenian Genocide was formed. It comprised Armenian as well as foreign specialists: Israel Charney (Israel),Wolfgang Gust and Tessa Hoffmann (Germany).


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