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07 02 2007 - Armenian Village Operation
www.azad- Armenia Village Operation was established in Yerevan in 2005 with a mission to "end extreme poverty in rural Armenia through community development".

AVO in partnership with various private donors and organizations has successfully implemented 5 projects in 4 rural villages. Our projects helped hundreds of families wit micro finance, running water, infrastructure and community development, with an end result of income generation for self sustainability.

Armenia villages are in the worst condition since the independence of 1991. It is estimated that out of 937 villages, only 12 percent are functional, with the balance to be in the verge of disappearing due to:

- High poverty rate (48.1 percent)
- High unemployment rate (50-80 percent)
- Lack of running water
- Lack of Irrigation for agriculture
- Poor road conditions
- Lack of health facilities
- High child mortality rate due to malnutrition

Our message is clear, villages are on the verge of destruction, high poverty and unemployment rate are the grass roots of youth migration. It's time to join forces to SAVE A VILLAGE, create employment and generate a sustainable income for our people.

Join our dynamic team to build a brighter Armenia and "PUT AN END TO EXTREME POVERTY IN RURAL ARMENIA".

Yours for Armenia

Hilda Grigorian, MBA
Ph.D. Candidate


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