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03 02 2007 - Armenian Genocide Recognised at the Official UK Holocaust Memorial Day Event
The Armenian Genocide was officially recognised at the Holocaust Day Event in Newcastle, UK at the weekend, following representations from Armenia
Solidarity official John Torosyan,a leading figure in the the Welsh-Armenian Community.(supported by Nor Serount Cultural Association).
Our original recuest to the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust was made two years ago, and their response has been encouraging since then.
(The Welsh Armenian Community were allowed to stage an exhibition on the Genocide, with music and speeches in the foyer Millenium Centre, in the fringes of the main event when the 2006 HMD was held in Cardiff)
This time,though, recognition came from the main stage. It is signifigant because the organising body, the Holocaust Day Trust, is supported by the British government, with a minister usually participating at the event.

It will now be increasingly difficult for the UK government to keep to their position of denying the truth of the Armenian Genocide when they have
sponsored an event which has recognised this truth! Speeches are prepared beforehand, and it was not a question of one speaker speaking her mind. This
was with the full permission of the organisers.

Here is the text of what was said in the National Commemoration. It was by Mary Blewitt of SURF, the Rwandan survivors fund:

"The only reason I can think I was spared is to help those who, like me, must live with the legacy of genocide. I represent only the survivors of the genocide in Rwanda, but try when possible to speak as well for the survivors of the Holocaust and the genocides in Cambodia, Kosovo and Armenia. I try to ensure that their voices are heard - voices that tell the whole truth, that warn us of what humanity is capable of, that remind us of the suffering that must never again be permitted to happen to anyone, anywhere in the world." From: "Jean ECKIAN"


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