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31 01 2007 - Instigator of Dink’s murder was trained at camp for Chechen militants in Azerbaijan
Instigator of Agos newspaper editor Hrant Dink’s murder, Yasin Hayal, was trained at a camp for Chechen militants in Azerbaijan, where he was instructed how to make and use explosives, Schweizer Fernsehen channel informs.
According to the source, Yasin Hayal headed a nationalist group in Trabzon members of which were under age teens. Hayal reportedly trained them how to use weapons instigating them to punish “all traitors of Turkey.” According to preliminary reports, initially Hrant Dink was supposed to be killed in Trabzon.
Earlier, Hayal confessed at an interrogation that he gave arms and money to Ogun Samast. He also said that Ogun Samast fulfilled his duty and saved Turkey’s honor. Yasin Hayal already served a sentence of ten months for performing a terror attack at a McDonald’s restaurant in Trabzon in 2004. After being arrested for staging the explosion, Hayal shouted at the court: “I did it to punish Americans. In three years I will be released and explode the HSBC bank and the Russian consulate.”
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18:51 01/22/2007


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