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13 10 2008 - The Georgian Crisis- American election &....
A Public Discussion About Current Affairs: The Georgian Crisis & "Football Diplomacy"
Their Impact On Armenia & Armenians - Toronto - 28 September 2008
Watch for the Q&A Session in the next update
Why I Cannot Be A Conservative/Part I: The Humanist Perspective, Part II: The Canadian Perspective>>>
By Viken L. Attarian P. Eng. MBA, Mount Royal, Quebec, 10 October 2008
"The human intellect only thrives upon redefining the boundaries of thought. By definition, creativity will want to reframe debates about art, culture,
history, science, societal development, politics, and human rights. In a word, everything. There are no sacred cows for the human mind. There will
always be someone who will want to challenge the status quo."
America's Election >>>
By Avedis Kevorkian, Philadelphia PA, 25 September 2008
"If the Hundred-million or so voters take their rights and responsibilities seriously, maybe our children will have the good fortune of living in yesterday's America."
Armenia Slides in Global Corruption Rankings >>>
By Asdghig Bedevian, Published in 23 September 2008
"Enforcement agencies are themselves too corrupt to tackle the problem in earnest"

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