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08 10 2008 - Railway- Yerevan - Tiblisi
Let me to introduce you Mr. Luigi Giuliani.
And I can perfectly hear your question: who is this man?
Let me explain all things but, first of all, some words about the man.
I am very happy and proud to say to all those who follow us in the world (on the daily news on INTERNET) that Mr Giuliani, at present senior transport consultant “everywhere in the world” (as says his motto), former Italian Railway manager, is my friend and, for this reason, friend of the Armenian people (and even, at his words, with ancient Armenian roots).
He has been successful in the business, as you can see in the following rows.
And so Mr. Giuliani will have the opportunity to know the best of the Armenia and I hope that all those who follow us in our country and will keep in touch with him and his team, will make their best to accomplish this task.
Certainly it will not be easy to work at so many kilometers from home, but he and his workteam colleagues believe that the Armenians will be their close on this occasion to support them to overcome all difficulties.
A note of color.
Mr Giuliani is a a man of the world, sympathetic and never haughty or false.
Last information.
There will be also local collaborators in his workteam
by best whishes and good Luck, Arch. Vahe Vartanian

The Joint Venture, established by Italian Company LATTANZIO & Associati Ltd, Ukrainian Company KARDIPOTRANS OJSC and Italian companies IC&SG Ltd and IRT&S Ltd, has won, overcoming a lots of strong and powerful competitors, European tender, financed by European Commission, for the rehabilitation of railway lines between Tbilisi (Georgia) and Yerevan (Armenia). Within few days, the foreign technicians will be in our country to start the works. The works will last 12 months. The experts, driven by Mr. Giovanni Mastrandrea and under the technical experience and expertise of Mr. Luigi Giuliani, should examine all the options about the line restoration and find the best project options, both technically and economically, for the following interventions

Skilled personnel needed

International Joint Venture assigned by international institutions to carry out engineering and consultancy works for infrastructure development in the Caucasus region is
looking for
local specialists who will cooperate with the workteam, composed by international experts, responsible for the project implementation.
The location is Yerevan, with short business trips to neighbouring countries.
The duration of employment is 10 months.
Payment will be according to agreement.
The positions requested are:
1. Senior technical specialist
This position requires:
a) A degree in engineering or equivalent, in the field of Civil Works;
b) At least 10 year of experience on the ground (railway maintenance), professional experience in bridge examination, testing, estimating carrying capacities, repair and rehabilitation and estimating costs of ;
c) Experience in the structural calculation,
d) Fluent English;
e) Fluent Russian.
2. Junior technical specialist
This position requires:
a) A degree in engineering or equivalent;
b) Fluent English;
c) Fluent Russian.
For additional information please send your CV to the following Email address:
The correspondence must be in English.
Please provide all contact information.

International Railway Technology & Service s.r.l.
Address: Via Macedonia, 66
00179 Roma (Italy)
Phone/Fax: + 39 067847156
International Consulting & Service Group s.r.l.
Address: Piazza Michele Sanmicheli, 10
00176 Roma (Italy)
Phone/Fax: + 39 06 24402589

Vahè Vartanian

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