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28 . Ag. 2012 _ JAN TAVRIZ MISSION STATEMENT Our Mission In 2005 it was conceived to bring together people who had come from the city of Tabriz, Iran, to reunite and celebrate and to preserve Tabriz/ Historic Aderbatakan Armenian history. The inaugural event was organized with the name ďJan TavrizĒ (Dear Tabriz) under auspices of the Glendale Ararat Club in the month of March 2006.

This first event met with great success. Again in 2007 the event was repeated, with even more success. This brought financial rewards which were given in totality to the Glendale Ararat Organization. The third, fourth, and fifth Jan Tavriz reunions took place in 2008 to 2010, at the Glendale Civic Auditorium.

The Organizing Committee, emboldened by the success of these events began looking more closely at the historical past of Tabriz. Including collecting, digitizing and disseminating historical books and pictures. In the last five years we have succeeded in bringing to fruition the following:

1. A collection of more than 4,000 digitized historical pictures of Tabriz and Aderbadagan with a plan to publish selections from these in three or four volumes.

2. A historic film of Archbishop Nerses Melik Tangianís funeral procession was received in 2007 from Teheran. This historic film was transferred to DVD format and has been distributed free of charge to anyone who was interested.

3. Completion of digitizing 9 books of historical significance with the purpose of publishing them in limited editions.

4. Establishing a cultural and sports center in the city of Sisian, Armenia in the illustrious memory of Archbishop Nerses Melik Tangian to preserve for posterity the devotion of his life to all Armenianís, the Armenian Church, and specifically the Armenians of Aderbadagan.

His Holiness Karekin II Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of All Armenians, was impressed with our desire to establish this cultural and sports center in Melik Tangianís name and gave his permission to establish the center in a two-story diocese building in Sisian, Armenia.

The renovation and remodeling of this building is currently under way.

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