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The cruelty of such crimes is the essence of global capitalism and its lackeys world wide…
By Khatchatur I. Pilikian

The brutal massacre of South African miners of Lonmin mine, Marikana, on August 16, 2012, is already becoming a national mourning remembrance event in South Africa, shaking the foundations of its disastrous economic apartheid. And rightly so...The one time glorious ANC is now challenged to cleanse its worthy historic heritage from the tragic choices it made that paved the way for economic apartheid.

Back in 1999, we were all wondering whether the fascist styled massacre at the Armenian 3rd Republic's Parliament, killing the Prime Minister of the day, the Speaker of Parliament, five other high-ranking officials and one journalist, would eventually shake the foundations of Armenia's economic apartheid. That would have certainly exposed the real, behind curtain Beria styled culprits of the act of terror. But, alas, that same 'foundation cement' which titillated the appetites for the monstrosity of October 27, 1999, was surreptitiously transformed, in time, into a 'reinforced concrete'. No matter, it seems, if it still is stained with a graffiti in blood, as a latter day Writing on the Wall -- Armenian Parliament Shooting...

Dear comrades-in-letters at NOR KHOSQ, the multi-lingual website in Germany.

Congratulations for your recent editorial in Armenian – August 18th, 2012 -- denouncing the killing of South African minors. How tragically outrageous to note that South African police acted as if emulating the bygone Apartheid regime’s criminal policy by killing miners on strike who were desperately asking for decent pay and living conditions. The editorial’s assessment is indeed pertinent, saying:

The cruelty of such crimes is the essence of global capitalism and its lackeys world wide...

Moreover, the conclusion of your editorial draws a brilliant parallelism in the spirit of internationalism, thus:

Armenia’s mining industry is also the property of multinational corporations and their lackeys in Armenia. Warning the miners of Armenia we call upon them to unite and create unions to protect their rightful demands and legal rights.
Supporting the struggle of the miners of the South African Republic we are also supporting the rights of the miners of Armenia.

It is still fresh in my mind the days of the struggle against the Apartheid regime, here in London. Like many at the vanguard of the struggle, I cherish the memory of the event celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Anti-Apartheid Movement, 1989. Attached you find the cover of the programme of the said event. Also attached is a copy of my poem, titled Hoot the Apart-Hood I recited at that exhilarating event at Conway Hall, London, JUNE 26 - SOUTH AFRICA FREEDOM DAY. Henry Makgot, assistant secretary general of the African National Congress, made the keynote speech. With much pleasure I like to mention that Morning Star (June 28. 1989) wrote this;

"Passion and humour animated the verse of Benjamin Zephaniah and Armenian poet Khatchatur Pilikian..."

Eventually the ASIAN TIMES published the poem, posting it on its Poetry Corner, on Dec 13, 1989. Mind you, it was not a coincidence, but a deliberate choice that I wrote the poem on April 24th to echo my rage against the Genocide of the Armenians, which was in itself one of the most brutal Apartheid crimes of the Ottoman Empire ever committed, starting in 1894 and culminating in the proto fascist Young Turk act of 1915. And I mentioned that publicly in all my live performances celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Anti-Apartheid Movement.

Naturally we all are happy that the socio-political apartheid in South Africa is now in the dust bin of history, or so it seems. Alas, it cannot be said for sure of the economic apartheid intensified therein--not a good omen to the progressive movements in Africa. It certainly is a hopeful omen that Latin America seems to have learnt the lesson of the distortion of South African struggle. Latin America is trying hard to get rid of the devastating dictates of IMF and its industrial/military cohorts ravaging our precious world, including the South African Republic.

Mythology too seems to re-enact its tales.
GAIA's outrage is going berserk, punching the bowels of the earth, first starting in the Far East at Fukushima… August 18th, 2012, London


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