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Save the ArQ donates Lab Equipment to the Armenian School
Save the ArQ donates Lab Equipment to the Armenian School of Jerusalem ý
Save the ArQ provided Sts. Tarkmanchatz Armenian Secondary School, in the Armenian Quarter ýof Jerusalem, with all the necessary equipment for the science laboratories including Chemistry, ýBiology and Physics. This is part of Save the ArQ’s commitment to enhance the educational level ýso the students of Sts. Tarkmanchatz may have access to the most current tools worldwide. Within ýthe sphere of education, the long term objective of Save the ArQ is to create the best educational ýenvironment for the children of the community by advancing this educational level within the ýschool, setting up a program so teachers abroad may come teach/live in the Armenian Quarter, ýand provide the latest tools and technologies necessary for educational advancement.ý

Rev. Father Norayr Kazazian, the Dean of Sts. Tarkmanchatz School, conveyed his gratitude to ýSave the ArQ for their donation and expressed his willingness to cooperate with the organization ýto undertake the necessary projects for the advancement of the school. Mary Hoogasian, Chair of ýthe organization, elaborated that the latest donation is part of larger educational projects which ýSave the ArQ regards as a primary concern for the Armenian Quarter’s prosperity is making a ýpriority:.ý

ý“Prioritizing education as one of the most critical aspects in order to sustain Jerusalem’s Armenian ýQuarter has allowed Save the ArQ to explore different avenues to build the best schooling system ýfor these children. Yes, we were fortunate to raise the funds needed to replace outdated or ýnonexistent science lab equipment, but this is one small feat in the bigger picture. We need to ýensure that these children receive the best education because only through success, will this ýcommunity survive. Education is not only the key for each individual child to have the a chance ýat a higher education; it is the eye-opener—the future— for the Armenian Quarter’s very own ýexistence to exist,.” said Hoogasian.ý

According to Mihran Der Matossian, the Director of the Educational System of the School, this ýlatest contribution helped the students immensely in order to conduct specific science ýexperiments: “The lab equipment donation that included more than 30 pieces in the different ýscientific fields is an essential step for the students to understand not only the theoretical aspect of ýthe scientific subjects, rather the practical aspect,” said Der Matossian. In the past years Der ýMatossian has played a crucial role in reforming and restructuring the curriculum for the school.ý

Greater changes are anticipated for Sts. Tarkmanchatz School in the near-future. “Save the ArQ ýwould like to bridge the educational system by creating different programs. A ‘teach abroad’ ýprogram at Sts. Tarkmanchatz will give teachers worldwide the opportunity to live with such an ýamazing community inside the Armenian Quarter. However, we realize that not every remarkable ýteacher will have the opportunity to take a year off from their current position in order to live ýabroad. This is where we would like to create another program teaching these children through ýweb classrooms. Truly, how amazing would it be for these kids to be taught by an exceptional ýteacher halfway around the world?” Hoogasian continues, “Ultimately, the goal is to make sure ýthese kids are challenged and taught at the same level as the best educational systems in the ýworld.”ý

In the coming months, Save the ArQ is organizing a number of fundraising events as well as a ýseries of lectures in the Midwest and the West Coast for the support of the Organization. Through ýintensive lectures, panels, and fundraising events Save the ArQ intends on propagating the ýnoteworthy aspects—both historically and presently—pertaining to Jerusalem’s Armenian Quarter.ý

For further information or support, please go to the Save the ArQ website at ýor contact Mary Hoogasian at:


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