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06 12 21 - Stallone Surprise Project: 40days of Musa Dagh ?
(From Annette Melikian L.A.)
Sylvester Stallone is going to shoot a film about the heroic defense of Musa Dag in the Ottoman Empire in 1915 basing on Franz Werfel's novel ‘40 Days of Musa Dag’. In Stallone’s words, during the World War I Turkey has perpetrates mass extermination of Armenians and the film will tell how Armenians organized defense on Musa Dag and survived with the help of French vessels. Ankara has pursued the policy of the Armenian Genocide denial for 85 years already, Sylvester Stallone said adding he knows that Turkey will pose obstacles to the film shooting, reports the RA Public Television.

The Musa Dag defense has laid in the basis of the universally known Franz Werfel's novel titled ‘40 Days of Musa Dag’. July 30, 1915 the residents of 6 villages situated at the mountain on the Mediterranean shore (Armenian Cilicia) arranged a self-defense transforming the mountain into a fortress. French warships came to rescue. September 13-15, 1915 the defenders went down to the shore where they were received aboard of Jeanne D’Ark cruiser and conveyed to Egypt. About 4 000 people survived. Most of them returned to


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