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Alan Whitehorn Interviewed by "Aysor"
Quotes from the interview For a century Turkey has been engaged in active denial of the AG (Armenian Genocide). No evidence that Turkey would recognize AG by 2015. Since the Hrant Dink assassination youth in Turkey are more mobilized...he was a redefining figure for Turkey's recognition of the AG...I see young Turkish individuals willing to say "we recognize the AG." Turkey has difficulty recognizing the AG because it would be the "unravelling of [its] history." As we approach the 100th anniversary of AG, I fear increasing propaganda from Turkey and is my fear 2015 could be very tense time between Armenia and Azerbaijan-Turkey. Armenia has a unique opportunity (because where it is) to become a bridge between East and West; Europe-US and Iran, and between Russia and the Near East. Armenia could be a place where people can come to listen to each other and come away with a better understanding of each a place to come together.


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