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21- Nov 2013- Robert Guédiguian and Bako Sahakian - Pres. of Artsakh -launch Phonethon 2013
On Thursday, November 21, filmmaker Robert Guediguian and Bako Sahakian President of Artsakh launched the 20th edition of Phonethon, organized by the Armenian Fund of France under the chairmanship of Bedros Terzian.

This year, Robert Guédiguian and his wife, actress Ariane Ascaris are sponsors of the European Phonethon.

In an interview with Jean Eckian, Robert Guediguian said: "Since the beginning of Phonethon it was to respond to the obvious necessities: food, medicine, educate themselves, send their children to school. Build hospitals, schools, roads ... But now we move to a higher stage, creating rural enterprises. By participating in economic development, particularly in agriculture and job creation. The best way to help reduce the problem of emigration is to support local development. All people want to live in Karabakh, like those in Armenia. " he said.

In 2012, thanks to call of 700 volunteers from platforms Orange Marseille, Lyon, Toulouse and Cachan, more than € 1.42 million were collected for Armenia, Nagorno-Karabakh and Armenians from Syria.Images intégrées 1

Jean Eckian / Paris

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